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Car rental in Krym
Rental Prices
Car rental in Krym
Chevrolet Spark
Capacity 1,0 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2014
Price: from 1 200 ₽/day
Renault Sandero MT
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Manual
Air Included
Year 2020
Price: from 1 300 ₽/day
Hyundai Solaris
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2014
Price: from 1 500 ₽/day
Ravon R2
Capacity 1,3 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2018
Price: from 1 600 ₽/day
Renault Sandero AT
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2019
Price: from 1 600 ₽/day
Nissan Almera
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2018
Price: from 1 800 ₽/day
Hyundai Solaris New
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2020
Price: from 2 500 ₽/day
Lada Largus
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Manual
Air Included
Year 2020
Price: from 3 100 ₽/day
Kia Rio New
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2018
Price: from 2 500 ₽/day

Car rental in Simferopol

Reliable car rental in Crimea — in a good way with Amigo! 

We offer services:

— Rent a car without a driver/ with a driver 24/7
— Hourly carsharing
— Turnkey transport outsourcing

                     Car rental No. 1 — "Amigo" is waiting for you in Crimea

Amigo is a car rental with 15 years of experience, a rating of 4.9—5.0 stars according to independent expert estimates, the most favorable conditions for customers and a low price threshold. Rent a car from 900 rubles. per day.

Amigo car rental corresponds to its name, because the road is always easier when you meet a kind fellow traveler. Therefore, we offer a high-quality rental service in different cities of Russia, a human attitude and pleasant discounts. 

We are not just known, thanks to our honest reputation, more than 55 thousand customers trust us, and more than 1000 positive reviews give convincing evidence. Have a good trip with Amigo, friends!

In the arsenal of the fleet there are more than 70 cars of 30 current models, no older than 5 years. The segment is presented from budget to premium class, as well as high-capacity vehicles.

Our website describes the history of the company, the fundamental values and the format of the business. Estimates from large car rental sites in Crimea and contacts of our branches in other cities of Russia are given.

We offer entrepreneurs to purchase verified franchises to start their own business. You will receive ready-made business solutions, proven technologies, full support, support and transfer of accumulated experience.     

As developers of an exclusive CRM program for car rental/rental, we provide full functionality of software for automation and successful business management in order to surpass competitors.    

The affiliate program opens up additional opportunities to participate in a profitable business. If your car is idle, then it will work with us with a return. You can rent a personal car to us and receive dividends. 

The company does not stand still, we are moving forward and the best way to understand how we work is to rent a car and move with Amigo!  

            Car rental in Crimea, rental and carsharing 
We avoid any downtime, as inaction is detrimental to the "health" of the business and the car. Therefore, our team conducts a thorough analysis of competitors and the car rental market to date, and creates the most profitable offer for customers.

Honest contract, 24/7 technical support, perfect condition of cars, no restrictions on daily mileage, rent a car without collateral or instant refund of collateral, quick registration, with the possibility of free cancellation. Car delivery on request, to the airport or hotel.

Prices for car rental in Crimea are 20% lower than those of competitors, and the service exceeds expectations. Cars are provided with CASCO insurance, which is included in the price and a full tank of gasoline. All cars are equipped with a navigator that will warn you about the nearest radars, a phone holder and charging.  

We personalize customer service, are committed to long-term cooperation and offer exclusive car rental agreements for a long time.

How do we manage to develop our business, achieve high results, maintain decent service and attractive prices? 

Thanks to a progressive approach and active implementation of advanced technologies in all work processes. For example, the multifunctional CRM system RentProg for car rental, is our author's development.

The functionality of the program significantly changes the quality of business. It allows you to conduct a deep analysis of it, avoid mistakes, conveniently manage car rental, increase employee productivity, service quality and customer flow. 

Fully automate and control all car rental processes, from the application to the final return of the deposit, and have a clear competitive advantage. Minimize costs by spending resources wisely, and as a result, increase profits several times.

Having issued a car rental, be sure that the car will have a presentable appearance and will not let you down on the road. We professionally and comprehensively take care of the fleet's transport, guaranteeing its excellent technical condition. 

In addition to compulsory insurance, each rental car is additionally insured under a hard hat in order to provide broad coverage and protect the interests of the driver from various unforeseen risks.

          Car rental in Crimea — how to apply?

The showcase of the site presents a large selection of car models with a description of the characteristics and videos. In the menu section, you can select a car of the appropriate class: economy, medium, business class, crossover SUVs, roomy minivans or universal commercial vehicles for cargo transportation.

You can check the availability of transport through the company's manager or independently by specifying the date and time of car rental. 
Read the rental conditions, fill in the online application fields and send the order, after that you will receive a confirmation from the car rental.

To rent a car of any model, prepayment is not required. When ordering a car of a certain category, the manager will contact you to confirm the reservation.
            Priority direction — rent a car without a driver 
The main direction of the company is renting a car without a driver in the Crimea. We work all over the Crimean peninsula, in cities such as Simferopol, Alushta, Yalta, Sevastopol, including the eastern part of the Old Crimea, Sudak, Koktebel, Feodosia and Kerch. 

Rent a car with a driver in the Crimea, is our additional direction. Upon your request, the car will be delivered to any location in Crimea. 

We have broad goals and do not think of momentary primitive benefits, but are deeply convinced that the success of the company depends on the "prosperity" of the consumer. Customer orientation is the business card of Amigo!     

Affordable prices, decent service and additional insurance will ensure the comfort and safety of the trip. In addition to the CASCO, which covers possible risks, you can enable the SUPER CASCO option and have the maximum guarantee and coverage against unforeseen damage, even in cases when the usual CASCO does not work.

                 Which is better: to rent a car or rent one?

Perhaps you are in a dilemma: to rent a car or to rent — what is the difference? This question is asked by many customers.

The answer is simple, car rental is a kind of its rental. If you enter into a contract as an individual, then the wording car rental or its rental does not affect the material benefits, but rather has legal features. 

Car rental means that the company enters into a contract with an individual and gives him a car without a crew for personal purposes for temporary use. The driver disposes of the car at his discretion, does not transfer the car to other persons and is responsible for it. 

Some people incorrectly think that car rental is issued only for a short period and cannot be long-term. In fact, the service is provided for a different period, from several days to one year.

If you want to order a car with a driver in the Crimea, then the word "rent" is written in the contract. The passenger is a guest in the car salon, and the responsibility and associated costs fall on the driver and the car rental. You don't worry about parking costs, fines and gasoline.

A car rental agreement with a driver is concluded with both an individual and a legal entity. When a driverless vehicle is transferred for temporary use to a legal entity, a lease agreement is concluded between the parties, not a rental agreement. 

Such an agreement provides for the transfer of the car for use by third parties, as well as the lessee's coverage of the costs associated with the care and operation of the vehicle.

Therefore, if you want to rent a car for yourself, you should not be puzzled by legal subtleties that do not provide additional benefits, but are important for the car rental company and conducting commercial activities.  

The priority is to choose a reliable car rental with a proven reputation. The customer's confidence and comfort in the trip depend on the quality of service! 
                               What is carsharing in Crimea?
Carsharing is defined by a combination of car — car and share — share. The idea is dictated by social and environmental goals. 

Car sharing reduces the amount of transport, reduces the load on the transport network, makes it accessible to all community members, saves money on car maintenance and helps to improve the ecology of the city. 

Carsharing is a membership—based service available to all qualified drivers in the community. Participants have access to public transport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, remotely reserves cars, and pick them up from self-service parking lots. 

Megacities face the problem of high traffic density, while many cars are idle most of the day. Carsharing is designed primarily for short-distance travel, offering a mobile and rational approach. 

Allowing you to enjoy the benefits of private transport with less worries and costs. Carsharing can be considered as a form of short-term car rental with a per-minute payment rate or by mileage.

Carsharing participants make membership payments and adhere to the established rules. Carsharing in Crimea seems to be a convenient and profitable service, although it has risks.

What are the advantages of carsharing? 

Carsharing frees the driver from certain worries and costs associated with maintenance, care, and a safe place to park the car. 

If you need a car for short trips around the city, carsharing with automated hourly or per-minute payment is more profitable than daily car rental. Also, users are allocated free parking spaces around the city at certain parking lots.       

The personal presence of a car rental employee is not required, as the booking is made through a special application. Drivers independently pick up and return available cars to parking lots located in different parts of the city. 

               Disadvantages of carsharing compared to rental

At first glance, carsharing looks simple and convenient, but there is also a flip side of the coin. Clear trip planning and favorable payment ceases to save the driver's money if something went wrong.

Extending the time or a fine for late return of the car will cost more than renting a car for a day. The cars of the car-sharing fleet are located in certain locations around the city.

The driver independently picks up and returns the car to the specified parking lots, which are not always conveniently located. The carsharing service, designed to quickly resolve issues, ceases to be convenient when the process takes a lot of time and effort.   

If you want to book a car of a certain model or capacity, the carsharing service does not guarantee its availability at the right time.

Difficulties also arise due to the lack of regulatory regulation of the degree of responsibility between the carsharing company and users. Many things remain on the conscience of drivers.

Dirty interior, half-empty gas tank, damage to property and neglect of the car is a serious problem and create trouble for respectable drivers. Renting a car excludes such "surprises".

Registration in the carsharing operator's application and verification will take some time. Clients are subject to age requirements and the absence of traffic offenses during the year.
In order for the driver not to receive a bill for damage that he did not cause, it is required to carefully inspect the car inside and outside, as well as check the completeness of the equipment with fixation on photos and videos before and after the trip. 

This process requires skill and is quite difficult in poor lighting or weather conditions. Recovery for damage may be mistakenly debited from the client's bank card, which should be linked to the service.  

Carsharing applications remain unprotected and help fraudsters use personal data of customers and their bank cards for microloans, account trading and other frauds.  

Due to the lack of individual control, it is more difficult to maintain a car-sharing fleet at a decent level than for a classic car rental. As a result, the machines are inferior in their visual and technical characteristics.

In order to rent a car in Crimea, you do not need to go through strict checks and link your bank card. Upon request, the car is delivered to the specified location, fully meets the customer's choice and expectations, the tariff is fixed and known in advance. The client chooses a convenient payment method by himself.    

                         Why do we need transport outsourcing?

Usually organizations need regular transport services to deliver goods or transport passengers. Maintaining your own fleet and controlling all processes is expensive and takes a lot of time and effort. 

It is more rational to use the services of professionals and transfer all the functions of transport management to the contractor company.
Transport outsourcing allows you to solve complex tasks: fully optimize the operation of the organization's own fleet or provide vehicles for long-term rental on favorable terms. 

We offer turnkey transport outsourcing. We take care of the maintenance and maintenance of transport, monitor its condition, make repairs, issue the necessary documentation and insurance, taking into account the profile activities of the organization.

Especially during the holiday season, Crimean organizations need uninterrupted operation of transport for timely transportation of employees and cargo delivery. We will quickly replace and provide a backup transport in case of an unforeseen breakdown.

Amigo offers exclusive conditions for concluding a long-term lease agreement, comfortable transport of various capacities and convenient transport outsourcing options. 

Our cooperation will be especially relevant for companies that have permanent business interests in Crimea, but do not have their own branch. We are proud of our reputation and the trust of such reputable client companies as Rosatom, Novatek and Megafon.

                           5 reasons to rent a car

Gone are the days when renting a car was associated with the privilege of wealthy and business people. Modern tourists prefer convenience and mobility.

In Amigo you can rent a car from 1000 rubles. per day, as a rule, it is much cheaper than paying for a taxi. If you order a rented car to the airport, you can immediately save money and move comfortably. 

Consider 5 reasons why it is advisable to rent a car:
— tourism and vacations
— breakdown of your own car
— business meetings
— staff business trips
— special events
                                               Tourism and vacations

Renting a car for a long trip will reduce the wear of your own car, help avoid increasing mileage and save money if you take a car with less fuel consumption.

Renting an SUV or a roomy minivan means more seating for friends and additional space for comfort and convenient luggage placement. 

Comfort and a pleasant impression of the trip sometimes consists of simple things, such as the cleanliness of the surrounding space, the opportunity to stop to eat, air out or go to the toilet. Car rental wins in all matters when it comes to the level of comfort.

Thousands of travelers prefer to rent a car during their holidays in order to have more opportunities and discover a world of new experiences.

You do not need to strictly adhere to the schedule, when every minute counts, you can change plans along the way, have an individual route and discover especially memorable places that ordinary travelers do not see.

                                       Breakdown of your own car

If your car is temporarily unavailable due to a breakdown, car rental will be an excellent replacement for the repair period and will cost less than frequent taxi rides.

You will keep your usual daily routine, comfort and convenience when moving. If there is a sudden breakdown of the car, leave a request in Amigo or call the operator of the company. We will quickly provide a car for rent at a favorable price.

                                             Business meetings

Business professionals value their reputation. Arriving without delay to meetings with clients or business partners, and traveling by car of a certain class, are part of business ethics.
Renting a suitable car will make a decent impression, help pick up customers from the airport on time or take the group to dinner. 

                                       Business trips of employees

Employees of the company periodically need to check the work of branches and perform other official tasks for a short or long period of time. 

If an organization does not have a representative office in Crimea and its own official transport, then renting a car with a driver or without a crew will be a reasonable solution that helps to solve problems effectively.  

                                       Solemn events

Festive events are special dates for gifts, surprises, fun and a festive atmosphere. Renting a prestigious car will help you look stylish, pleasantly surprise your loved ones, impress guests and have good props for a photo shoot.

         The advantage of car rental over public transport
Why rent a car if there is public transport? Of course, you can give up pleasant comfort and amenities, enter austerity mode and use public transport like local residents, especially if it is well developed.

It is advantageous if you travel alone, but if you have children or a group of friends with you, then renting a car makes more sense, and the level of freedom and convenience exceeds all comparisons.

Rent a car or order a taxi?

Taxi booking and car rental have their pros and cons. A taxi will be cheaper when traveling a short distance, while you don't have to think about the route, road rules, parking and gasoline.

On the other hand, car rental has its advantages. You do not need to wait for a free taxi, especially at the height of the season, you can freely visit anywhere in the city, overcome maximum distances, leave extra things in the car and leisurely explore the numerous sights of the Crimea.

                   Where to go by rented car in Crimea?

We recommend renting a car in Crimea to better enjoy the magnificent natural and historical sights of the unique peninsula.  
Let's describe some popular places in the South-West and South-West of Simferopol, which are easy to get to if you rent a car in the Crimea. 
In Yalta, you can visit several attractions at once: 
Ai-Petri Mountain is 1,234 meters high with a cable car, a bridge over the gorge, century-old forest trees and the famous thousand-year-old yew tree.  
From the observation deck, in clear weather, a panoramic view of the entire Southern coast of Crimea opens. Guests will be offered to dine in cozy cafes with pilaf on a campfire, barbecue, shurpa and other dishes of Oriental cuisine.  
If you rent a car in Simferopol, the road will take 2h 15min. 
The ascent by car from Yalta will take 40 minutes.
Massandra Palace and wine cellar with tasting room 
The historic palace of Alexander lll with objects of the tsarist era is made in the style of the French Renaissance. The castle is surrounded by a garden with elegant sculptures. This is a great place for a memorable photo shoot. 
Not far from the palace is the Massandra Winery, founded in 1891. More than 700 varieties of collectible wines are stored in the cellars, and the age of some varieties reaches more than 200 years. Guests are given a guided tour and offered a tasting of popular wines. 
The road by car from Simferopol will take 1h 20 min. From Yalta 19 min.  

Livadia Palace 

It is impossible not to visit the Livadia Palace, which was the summer residence of Nicholas ll and the imperial family. The palace is a museum with an impressive interior and valuable exhibits. The well-groomed territory of the park offers pleasant walks and relaxing holidays. 
If you rent a car in Simferopol, the road will take 1h 30 min. From Yalta 10 min.    
Wuchang-Su Waterfall 
While in Yalta, it will not be difficult to visit the foot of the Uchan-Su waterfall, whose height is 98.5 m. It looks especially powerful in autumn and spring. 
From Simferopol by car the road will take 1h 40 min. From Yalta 15 min.  
Swallow 's Nest 
One of the most favorite places of tourists. The structure resembles a knight's castle in the Gothic style, built on a cliff. 
From Simferopol by car 1h 50 min. From Yalta 20 min. 
If you rent a car in the Crimea, then after the Swallow's Nest you can drive to Semiiz with the famous mountain Cat.  
Then to Laspi Bay, visit Balaklava Bay with the Genoese fortress and spend the night in a tent city on Cape Fiolent with fabulous purple rocks, a secret grotto and the purest sea.

From Simferopol by car 1h 20 min. From Yalta the same amount, 1h 20 min.
Amigo wishes you an easy way, because renting a car helps you to be mobile and really enjoy the journey!