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Car rental in Moscow
Rental Prices
Car rental in Moscow
Renault Sandero MT
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Manual
Air Included
Year 2020
Price: from 1 100 ₽/day
Chevrolet Cobalt MT
Capacity 1,5 l
Transmission Manual
Air Included
Year 2017
Price: from 1 200 ₽/day
Chevrolet Spark
Capacity 1,0 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2014
Price: from 1 200 ₽/day
Ravon R2
Capacity 1,3 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2019
Price: from 1 400 ₽/day
Peugeot Partner Tepee
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Manual
Air Included
Year 2015
Price: from 1 400 ₽/day
Renault Sandero AT
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2020
Price: from 1 400 ₽/day
Hyundai Solaris
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2015
Price: from 1 500 ₽/day
Nissan Almera
Capacity 1,6 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2018
Price: from 1 600 ₽/day
Ford Focus
Capacity 2.0 l
Transmission Automatic
Air Included
Year 2015
Price: from 2 100 ₽/day

Car rental in Moscow

Need a car rental in Moscow? Car rental "Amigo" is always nearby in a big city - welcome! 


We offer the following services:

- Rent a car without a driver
- Rent a car with an experienced driver
- Short-term carsharing
- Integrated transport outsourcing


Amigo - honest car rental without overpayments!

         Amigo is a reliable car rental in Moscow and the Moscow region without overpayments. We guarantee favorable conditions and prices 15-20% cheaper than competitors. 
Car rental has many years of experience — more than 14 years. It is marked by the highest rating of reliability and quality of service. More than 50,000 customers have used our services and more than 1,000 positive reviews have been left.
The park contains 77 modern cars, 30 different models.   We offer car rental in Moscow of any class: from budget economy to popular business, as well as premium cars and executive suites. 
The "About Us" tab describes how the company appeared, our mission and goals. All goals are being successfully implemented thanks to effective business strategies and hard work. You will find out why our customers trust us and give high marks on large car rental sites in Moscow.
The company adheres to high standards of car maintenance, regularly conducts a comparative analysis of the car rental market in order to offer the best solution for your trip. Rent a car - fast, convenient, profitable, reliable! 
Representative offices of Amigo are located in other cities of Russia. We provide full legal support and technical support. Traveling with us is always and everywhere comfortable! The best way to make sure is to rent a car in Moscow or another city.



Our approach and the benefits of cooperation

         The car should drive — and the business should make a profit! No downtime! To do this, we provide European-level service and the most favorable conditions to rent a car in Moscow, order a rental or carsharing. 
We offer only honest contracts: no hidden fees and additional markups. Do you need to rent a car in Moscow quickly and inexpensively? We are so confident in the customer's benefits that we will make an additional discount if you find a cheaper offer.   
With us, car rental in Moscow is reliable and safe! The age of our fleet does not exceed 5 years, the cars are maintained in perfect condition. 
We do not save on the quality of consumables, regular inspection and THAT. Each car for rent is insured by a hard hat, which additionally protects the interests of the driver from unforeseen events and expenses. 
How did it become possible to expand the business, adhere to high standards and offer favorable conditions for car rental and cooperation? This is achieved through the introduction of the most advanced technologies and a system of complete automation of management processes.
This approach helps to achieve the best combination and minimizes costs. We not only provide car rental services, but also share business experience, offer ready-made franchises and assistance in starting your own business. 
The company "Amigo" is the exclusive developer and author of a special CRM program RentProg for car rental, which allows you to double your profit.
Today a client, and tomorrow a partner - take advantage of the opportunity and take part in business if you have a good car idle. Offer it to us and get a ready profit. Moving with us is the way to success!


         Rent a car — how to make an order?
         You are presented with a diverse selection of cars for rent, the cost and conditions are indicated. Select the car you are interested in, click "more details" and then "book". Fill out the order form and click "submit". 
Two ways of registration:
* Without any prepayment
* Prepayment with confirmation
Car rental in Moscow without prepayment applies to any available car at the time of ordering. If a certain brand of car is needed for rental, our employee will quickly call back to confirm the booking and deposit the deposit. 
There is a wide selection of cars with different characteristics, of any class: from A to M. From budget and top models to premium luxury. Including comfortable and roomy minivans, crossovers and small commercial vehicles.


         Renting a car without a driver is a key activity
         The main direction is car rental without a driver. Cars are delivered to any point in Moscow and the Moscow Region, including all airports located in the Moscow region. 
Renting a car with a driver is our additional direction. A comfortable car is delivered regardless of location, in Moscow and Moscow region.
Our distinctive feature is customer orientation. We are ready to constantly improve and improve our approach in order to take into account the needs and desires of customers as much as possible at the present time.
Therefore, we offer various service options, an honest contract, favorable prices, attractive discounts and guarantee car rental with maximum reliability and safety.     
Vehicles undergo high-quality service. CASCO insurance is issued for each car for rent and it is possible to connect an additional SUPER CASCO, providing full protection from all unforeseen risks. 


         Which is more profitable: car rental or rental?
         Approximately 80% of customers want to know what is more profitable and what is the difference between renting a car and its rental. We will immediately answer that rental is a kind of rental. 
The client does not receive additional preferences from the fact that the phrase car rental or rental is spelled out in the contract. The issue is related to certain legal subtleties, and the difference in wording depends on the status of the customer and the purpose of the service.
According to the rental agreement, the car rental company provides the lessee with a car for personal purposes, for temporary use and possession. The contract is concluded with an individual for a period of no more than a year. 
An individual can also formalize a car rental agreement, for example, if a customer chooses the service "car rental with a driver", then a rental agreement is concluded between him and the car rental company. Such an agreement has no time limits.
When an agreement is concluded between a car rental company and a legal entity, the transport is transferred for temporary use. In this case, the contract specifies "rent". 
If you need to rent a car for personal use, you should not attach much importance to the phrases "rent" or "rent", pay more attention to the experience and the level of reputation of the company. Choosing a reliable car distributor is a guarantee of comfort and confidence! 

          Carsharing in Moscow - its features
         The word explains itself: "car" - auto, "share" - share. The concept of car sharing offers people to share a car, thereby reducing the financial costs and obligations associated with its maintenance. 
New transportation idea of car sharing liking for those who want to keep the convenience of travel by private transport, but does not use it most of the time, worried about the ecology of the city, is trying to reduce costs and save manpower and time on car maintenance. 
Users are joint participants pay a monthly premium to use special app for booking, travel, follow specific requirements and travel given a pay per minute and used mileage.     
Moscow carsharing is a good alternative and has certain advantages for people who have a more rational approach. However, this service has serious drawbacks.

          Advantages of a carsharing service
         Your own car loses its value over time, while it needs expensive repairs and maintenance. We will add the costs of insurance, parking and other payments. 
A car-sharing company washes the car, changes the oil, takes care of insurance and other things. This saves money twice if you use a car for short trips. 
Carsharing services provide a certain flexibility and mobility. Users are not limited to one type of car, usually carsharing participants can choose a car model, depending on current needs.   
All activation and payment actions are performed through the mobile application. The car is picked up and returned to the nearest parking lot.

          Disadvantages of carsharing
         There are legal gaps in Russian legislation that protect the rights of consumers of carsharing services. The assumption of trouble-free and pleasant interaction between users is based on civil responsibility rather than obligations.   
Sloppy and even dirty salons, not full tanks of gasoline are quite common. Cars can be used under someone else's account and it is impossible to guarantee the availability of the car at the right time. Traditional car rental excludes such emotional surprises. 
Although it seems that everything is fast and convenient, but in fact the driver himself has to get to a certain parking lot and pick up the car, which requires additional time and effort.
As a rule, the operator uses only mandatory insurance and a minimum of coverage. The desire to use cars effectively has a downside: restrictions in mileage, time and territory of trips.  
This is convenient for short-term trips within the city, but excludes spontaneous decisions and unforeseen situations. If you exceed the mileage limit, increase the booking time and late return, the cost of the service will cost more than renting a car for daily rent. 
Carsharing participants need to complete registration and verification, which takes time. The requirements include age restrictions, no fines and no accidents during the last year. There are no similar criteria for those who want to rent a car. 
Applications used by operators of carsharing services remain unsafe from theft of personal and bank data. Account holders often receive additional payments for imperfect trips, and are also financially responsible for other people's damage.
At the time of receiving the car, the driver needs special care. Pollution of the car and poor visibility at dusk do not exempt from responsibility. Take pictures before and after, so as not to pay for other people's "shoals". 
It is much more difficult for car-sharing companies to monitor and ensure the good technical condition of the car and the operational availability of support centers for drivers. 
Car rental is a different quality of service: the car meets the customer's expectations, is delivered to a convenient location on time, fixed tariffs and different payment options apply. A proven car rental is a guarantee of safety and convenience!

          What is transport outsourcing for? 
         According to the contract of transport outsourcing, the contractor company provides the customer with uninterrupted operation, maintenance, maintenance, control of cars or other vehicles, as well as solves other stipulated tasks for a set fee.
Transport outsourcing service is an effective solution for organizations that do not have a logistics department. Instead of hiring its own staff, all functions for the management and maintenance of the park are transferred to a professional company. 
If there is no own car park, car rental is additionally indicated in the contract. Our car rental offers comprehensive transport outsourcing services on exclusive terms. 
We will take care of a flexible approach in any situations when it is urgently necessary to increase or reduce the number of trips. We guarantee high quality of services performed and tangible benefits for the customer. 
You don't worry about diagnostics, repairs, maintenance, maintenance of vehicles, insurance, taxes, registration and much more. We promptly solve all issues of operation and quick replacement of cars in case of breakdown.
We guarantee uninterrupted, timely and safe transportation of employees on comfortable transport. By entrusting your work to professionals, you effectively delegate your workload.
You save energy to solve the main tasks, save time and money. At the same time, you provide yourself with convenience, safety and reliability. 
This service is especially relevant when the company has business activity and commercial interests in Moscow and the Moscow Region, but does not have its own representative office and official transport. Amigo has established itself as a reliable partner trusted by reputable clients: Rosatom, Novatek and Megafon.  

          Car rental — 5 most popular reasons
         There are different reasons to rent a car. For example, to save on the wear of your own car, planning a trip on a country road and off-road. Make a full test drive before buying a new car.
In the modern world, mobility, flexibility, efficiency are valued, therefore, the idea that only wealthy people can rent a car is completely outdated. 
Rent a car - five popular reasons:
- travel
— car breakdown
— business meetings
— business trips
— festive events
         Rent a car while traveling
         Renting a car while traveling provides additional opportunities. You gain the status of an independent traveler who plans the route himself, is not tied to the rigid framework of the schedule, can go anywhere and whenever it is convenient. 
Renting a car will help you visit remote corners and interesting hard-to-reach places, get more impressions and pleasures. Avoid tedious transfers in crowded public transport. Please yourself and travel comfortably, saving time, effort and money!
         Car breakdown
         Renting a car will be a good temporary alternative during the repair of your own car. Such a practical approach will reduce stress, allow you to lead a habitual lifestyle and not change the schedule.
Let the backup plan always be in mind: in case of an unforeseen breakdown, Amigo is always with you. Make an order and we will quickly deliver a car for rent at the best price in the city.
         Car rental — business approach
         Being late is the last thing your business partners or potential customers expect from a business event. In order for the meeting to be held with dignity and the reputation of the company not to suffer, arrange the timely delivery of suitable transport.   
The class of the car for a business meeting should correspond to the importance and value of the event. This will emphasize the status of the company, help to follow business etiquette and be mobile in a busy schedule. Car rental is a business approach!
         Various business trips
         Business trips of employees of firms have become an integral part of their job responsibilities and are of a different nature. Short or longer, for one or a group of employees. 
If the company does not have a representative office in Moscow and its own official transport, then renting a car or minivan is perfect for meeting and transporting an entire group, and a five-seater car for solving daily tasks.         
         Rent a car for a holiday
         Festive and festive events are special events, mood and atmosphere. Renting a luxury car will be a memorable highlight and a real surprise. 
Such a solution will provide not only super comfort and enthusiastic emotions, but also the opportunity to use a beautiful car as a prop for a photo shoot to make unusual shots.

                   The advantage of rental over public transport
         Why rent a car when there is public transport? City transport is usually cheaper if you don't eat in a friendly company. Another thing is if you rent a car. You can go anywhere you want, and these are completely different sensations and opportunities.
You do not need to squeeze into the narrow framework of the schedule and routes of public transport. You also protect yourself from mass contact during the epidemic. It creates convenience and comfort, especially necessary when traveling with children.

                   What to choose: car rental or taxi?
         Ordering a taxi is beneficial for a short trip, allows you not to follow the road, relax or do other things. But there is no guarantee that the car you need is available at the right time, or the taxi driver's driving style can create internal tension among passengers.
There are often situations when you have to sit in a smoky and untidy interior, and the car looks worn out. Renting a car is several times more profitable if you have to make several trips a day. 
The characteristics of the machine correspond to the selected criteria. At the same time, you freely build the desired route, you can stop on the way, do shopping or have a snack.

                   Where to go by rented car in Moscow?
         The capital has something to show and it is ready to surprise even sophisticated guests. There are also historical sights, museums, exhibitions, galleries, theaters, circuses. Beautiful parks with fountains, ponds, attractions, entertainment centers and much more. 
By renting a car, you will not get tired of public transport, you will successfully cope with the long distances of the metropolis, visit the Moscow region and complete the maximum program.
We will list only some of the sights of the capital:

         The Red Square
         This is a business card not only of Moscow, but of the whole of Russia. The Kremlin with defensive walls, monuments of architecture and architecture, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage, a bronze sculpture of Minin and Pozharsky, a Historical museum, as well as the famous GUM, ancient paving stones and much more. 

         Tsvetnoy Boulevard
         Tsvetnoy Boulevard is a historical place where the first circus building in Moscow was opened, and now the Nikulin Moscow Circus is located on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. The presentation program guarantees a colorful show to the audience. Nearby there is a children's puppet theater with the famous "live clock".

         Patriarch 's Ponds
         Patriarch's ponds surrounded by a public garden are often mentioned in Russian literature. The territory belongs to the cultural heritage.

         Clean ponds
         Chistye Prudy - this place allows you to make an interesting route: a pond, a monument to Griboyedov, the famous Sovremennik theater, Chertkov's mansion, an Egg-shaped House, a magnificent Tea house on Myasnitskaya Street, which you can admire inside and much more.   

         This is an amazing place 110 km from Moscow, if you rent a car, the road will take 1 hour 20 minutes. It perfectly combines picturesque nature with history and culture: the Kolomna Kremlin, museums and architectural monuments.

It is impossible to do everything in one day, but renting a car in Moscow allows you to relax richly and interestingly, get a lot of impressions and have fun!