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       No business can work without transport. Each organization solves the delivery of goods to the client, the movement of employees and many other tasks with the help of vehicles. But not every organization can afford to have its own fleet. In addition, it is not always appropriate and beneficial. For example, trips are irregular or the company sends its employees on a business trip to another region, and they need a permanent car. In this case, it is advisable to use the transport outsourcing service.

       Transport outsourcing is a profitable service that allows you to use rented vehicles and avoid many problems associated with maintaining your own fleet of vehicles.

Benefits of using a rented car to organize:

- there is no need for large investments for the purchase of automobiles, a relatively low rent does not create a high financial burden;

- the ability to write off rental payments to the expenses of the organization and, accordingly, reduce the tax base;

- you can focus on conducting core business and not scatter on the settlement of many issues related to the operation of vehicles (timely maintenance, extension of insurance, repair, replacement of rubber and many others);

- there is no need for maintenance staff, a garage, storage areas for spare parts and seasonal tires;

- there are no costs for maintenance and repair of cars, insurance and other expenses associated with the maintenance of cars.

       Amigo is ready to provide organizations with favorable conditions for long-term car rental:

- all cars are insured by hull insurance, that is, the tenant has a minimum liability even if the car is damaged through his fault, in addition, it is possible to connect the option “Full guarantee”;

- low prices for car rental;

- additional discounts, in addition to those provided by our tariffs;

- in the event of a car failure - we immediately provide you with a replacement car, no downtime;

- the absence of any additional costs associated with the operation of the machine.

       Rent cars from experienced car rental operators. Amigo car rental is a long-term experience in the field of car rental, hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, high rating and business reputation, dozens of organizations trusting us with their transport services on an ongoing basis (you can find a list of our key partners, among which Rosatom and Megafon, in section About us). Rent a car and entrust all your transportation concerns to Amigo car rental professionals.