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Rent terms

driver age from 26 years (for business class from 28 years)

driving experience of 3 years (for a business class of 5 years)

the minimum rental period is 2 days, if you want to rent a car for 1 day, an increasing factor is applied - 1.5 to the rental price

the minimum rental period for advance booking is 5 days (in some cases we can book for a shorter period, call us)


general passport with registration at the place of residence

driver's license
For foreign citizens:


driver's license

increased deposit +5000 rubles
For organizations:

company details

power of attorney for the employee who receives the car

passport and driver's license

Everything for the client:

hull insurance (minimum tenant liability)

round-the-clock support

cashless payment option

Refund of security deposit upon car return

mileage is not limited

discounts for regular customers

individual approach

discounts on cards of other rental companies

customer loyalty when returning a car

possibility of renting a car without a franchise

Conditions for providing a car without a deductible for insurance - option
"Full warranty"(Full insurance):

Conditions for providing a car without a franchise for insurance - option

"Full guarantee" (Full insurance):

A full guarantee is an additional option to the lease agreement (not provided by default and paid separately)

This is an opportunity for the tenant to completely protect themselves from liability for a rented car, including damage to windows, optical instruments and rims for any reason

A car rental agreement without a franchise is concluded (the deposit is charged in the usual manner, but no deductions are made from it in case of damage to the car)

The option can be applied only for a rental period of four days or more

The cost is an additional 500 rubles per day to the established tariff; for business class cars - an additional 1000 rubles per day to the established tariff

Other conditions:

smoking in the car is strictly prohibited (fine 3000 rubles)

car delivery is carried out with a full tank of fuel, return also, or surcharge for fuel at the rate of 50 rubles per liter

delivering a car after washing, returning as well, or paying for washing from 300 rubles

travel outside the Kaliningrad region is not allowed, but it is possible on special conditions, as agreed with the chief manager

car rental employees have the right to refuse to issue a car to any client, without explanation

Conditions for issuing a car abroad:

daily mileage is not limited

the green card is issued by the tenant (we can provide our discount up to 40% for registration)

an additional fee is charged - from 500 rubles per day to the base rate

an increased deposit is charged - 15,000 rubles is added  to the established one

hull insurance is not valid

the lessor has the right to refuse to issue a car abroad

for refusal to pass the car across the border for any reason, the lessor is not responsible

the tenant agrees in any case to return the car to the rental point

You can see the text of the contract here, the act of car acceptance and penalties here.