Main / Sales System

              All relations between Amigo and a client are based on the principle: “The client is our friend!” This principle permeates the entire system of our car rental, according to this principle, we train new employees to communicate with customers. That is why, after the first order of the car, each tenant becomes our regular customer, and from the next appeal has the right to a discount. The discount is calculating individually for each application, depending on the rental period, rental car class and seasonality, and ranges from 5 to 15%. The indicated discounts are not summarizing with other promotions and special offers when the price of a rented car is already reduced.

              In addition, the tenant who came to us on the recommendation of our other client can take advantage of the discount. Individual discounts are also provided on the discount card of another car rental.

              Thanks to this approach, we have thousands of loyal customers who turn to us again and again and recommend us to their friends and acquaintances, write grateful reviews about us that you can find on our website - here, as well as on third-party resources on the Internet. That is why they trust us. Amigo Car Rental - Honest Car Rental!