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Earn money with Amigo car rental!

Do you want to invest profitably and regularly receive high passive income? The Amigo car Rental partner program is an opportunity to become an investor and partner of our car rental service and receive a stable passive income.
Investing with Amigo is an investment in profitable cars. Put your car in our transport rental service or invest in the purchase of a car, with our help, and earn up to 70% per annum. Your money will work without your participation. We help the investor to decide on the model of the car, carry out professional auto-selection, recommend how to insure the car profitably and reliably, provide discounts on CASCO insurance. We undertake all the work related to finding customers, renting cars, servicing, paying traffic police fines, you only get money.

Advantages of working with Amigo
- Amigo car rental is the market leader, we know how to provide your cars with orders
- Full control of mutual settlements – the investor gets access to the CRM system
- High rating and business reputation: Amigo is the best rental, according to reviews on the Internet
- 14 years of business experience - a guarantee of investment growth and low risks

How much can you earn
With 1 car worth about 500,000 rubles, the average monthly income will be about 30,000 rubles. This is 360,000 rubles a year, which is 72% per annum.

Advantages over individual delivery
- We have established channels for attracting customers, thanks to expensive marketing, we can rent your cars at higher prices and provide a more complete load – your profit is higher
- You do not need to spend your time organizing the workflow, you only make a profit; we work, and you do what you love, travel…
- We provide comprehensive support for rental activities: security service, interaction with authorities, access to paid customer verification services

Advantages compared to renting a car for a taxi
- Higher customer quality – more careful attitude to cars
- The average daily mileage is an order of magnitude lower, the accident rate is lower
- The service life of cars in a taxi is 2 years, in rental - up to 7 years
- Higher loss of value when selling a car from under a taxi
- Loading in a taxi is higher, but the rent is lower – less profit
- You can rent any car, even an exclusive one, in a taxi - a limited selection of models

Do you want to know the details and become a partner?
Call +7 908 2 900-908 or write to and we will hold a consultation.

Passive income from car rental
Now, in order to get a stable high profit, it is not necessary to open your own business. You can invest your spare funds in a working, proven over the years and dynamically growing business and regularly receive passive income without spending not only your energy for this, but also without spending our most valuable resource - time. According to experts, the car rental market is growing by more than 20% annually and this dynamics will only increase. The younger generation refuses to own a car in favor of renting, carsharing and car subscriptions.
We offer investments in profitable cars. We have a successful car rental business that has been operating for more than 14 years, and we have a huge experience accumulated over the years in running this business. To date, Amigo car rental is one of the largest rentals in Kaliningrad and has the highest rating among competitors. You can verify these words personally by assessing the level of trust in us from customers, by the number and quality of ratings on the largest independent review sites on the Internet. We are chosen and, thanks to this, we are ready to provide orders not only for our cars, but also for the cars of our partners and investors. The network of our rentals throughout Russia is growing dynamically.
A car is a profitable investment not only from the point of view of the opportunity to get a high profit from renting it out. This is both a good investment and a way to save money during a period of rising inflation. If, for some reason, you change your mind about getting income from rental, you can always sell the car profitably and quickly get cash, since a car is a fairly liquid commodity. Cars, along with real estate, were the leader in price appreciation in 2021. The advantage of buying a car compared to buying real estate for rent is a higher marginality (profitability) and a lower entry threshold. You can start earning on a car with a capital of about 500,000 rubles, while on real estate - from 3-4 million rubles. We know how to buy and sell cars and are ready to help you with this.
We guarantee honest and understandable conditions for concluding a partnership agreement, advise and help the investor to choose suitable cars, purchase them profitably, insure them with discounts, properly equip everything necessary, maintain them inexpensively and, of course, rent them profitably. You are only required to sign a contract and provide your car or money for its purchase, we take care of all other chores, such as storage, insurance, maintenance and repair, tire replacement, payment of traffic police fines, administrative and many other issues that arise when renting a car. And, most importantly, we undertake the search for tenant customers and all actions related to the rental of a car, its timely return and payment of rent.
You will have full control over your car and transparency of all settlements. We provide you with access to the RentProg CRM system, of our own design, where you will see all the information about your car: where it is located, each rental, cash flow and analytics. In addition, thanks to the same CRM, we will be able to clearly show you and prove that all the passive income opportunities listed here are not empty words, but a really working scheme. You will be able to see analytics on the profitability of different machines that actually work in our business and bring income to their owners.
The benefits compared to opening your own car rental are obvious. Choosing a partnership, you can start working with any number of machines, even with one. When working independently, the costs of maintaining a small fleet exceed the potential profit. Creating a selling website, renting an office, employee salaries, advertising costs and many other expenses that do not pay off in a small company. Individual rental of cars through ad platforms, for example Avito, will take up all your free time, will not bring high profits due to strong competition (respectively, the issuance of cars at low prices) and weak loading of the fleet. In addition, the quality of customers with Avito leaves much to be desired, as these are people who are looking for the cheapest car rental options, sacrificing quality and safety, and, accordingly, they treat rented cars in the same careless way.
An alternative to earning money by partnering with a car rental company is renting a car for a taxi. The clear scheme of work and the promise of 100% loading captivates. But this way of earning money has a number of disadvantages and more serious risks compared to car rental. In practice, the load is rarely full, in addition, many taxi companies have to issue cars to drivers according to the 6/1 and 5/2 scheme, that is, 1 or 2 days a week for free, while the car remains with the driver and he can continue to work on it. The price of renting a taxi, due to the high competition in this area, is lower than the price of renting the same car. At the same time, the average daily mileage of a taxi car is much higher, respectively, more wear. A car in a taxi runs at least 150 thousand km per year (sometimes much more), at the box office - 30-40 thousand km. Accordingly, the average life of a car in a taxi is 2 years, rental cars can work up to 5-7 years. It is almost impossible to sell a taxi driver's car to a normal person, only to resellers for a song, we sometimes sell rental cars more expensive than we bought (taking into account price increases and good service). The quality of modern taxi drivers, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. Basically, these are guests from Central Asia, driving skills and attitude to the entrusted transport are rarely at a good level. We know this firsthand, as we have encountered this in the rental business and we see a contingent that falls into the black lists of car rentals and taxis. Car rental is mainly used by tourists, most of whom are wealthy and conscientious people who take care of the received car, as they do not want to spoil their vacation by solving problems with a car rental company.
In addition to all of the above, our experienced employees will conscientiously monitor and take care of your car, perform maintenance at a trusted car service, save your money by providing us with discounts on repairs and spare parts, and our security service will efficiently prevent and promptly solve possible problems.