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       A full guarantee is a full insurance of a car rental client against all risks associated with the use of a rented car, even those that are not covered by the standard hull insurance, namely: damage to rims, windows and optical devices not as a result of an accident.

The standard conditions of our contract provide for insurance of all hired cars under hull insurance. This means minimal customer liability, even if the tenant is responsible for the damage caused to the car. Hull insurance provides the client with protection in unforeseen situations, including the risks of complete destruction or theft of the vehicle. To rent a car with limited liability is very beneficial, especially since in most rental car organizations , the contract provides for the full responsibility of the lessee.

The presence of hull insurance minimizes the risks of the tenant in case of damage to the rental car, but, nevertheless, the client is still partly responsible. At the same time, if the tenant wants to get full protection from any risks associated with the operation of the rented car, he has the option of including the “Full guarantee” option in our rental.

A full guarantee (or full insurance) is an additional service that may be included for an additional fee. The conditions for inclusion and the amount of payment are indicated in the "Conditions" section of our website.

          Full insurance is a very useful option. Overpaying a small amount, the tenant is able to avoid much higher costs. For example, foreigners, when renting a car, in almost 100% of cases order a car with a full guarantee. This happens not only because of increased fears when renting a car abroad, but also due to a higher level of financial literacy. Read more about this in our article about hull insurance.