Open your car business with the Amigo car rental franchise

    Have you been thinking about your own business for a long time, but did not dare to start it? We offer to buy a car rental franchise and open your own business – this is an excellent solution to minimize risks and get off to a fast start.

    Advantages of working with Amigo:
- a well - known name in Russia
- a base of more than 50,000 loyal regular customers who often travel around the country
- we provide you with a ready-made working website that will immediately begin to bring customers
- a single call center for processing applications and technical support
- experience in the field of car rental – 14 years

    Advantages of working on a franchise:
- we pass on to you the experience gained over 14 years of work
- risk reduction, time-tested work technologies
- we will give you clients from the first day of work
- cost reduction, since we take over part of the business processes

Call by phone +7 908 2 900-908 or write to the mail and we will provide detailed information.

    A small commission at the start and in the process of work is more than repaid by the benefits that the franchise gives. We share with you our knowledge and many years of experience, which was acquired, among other things, due to high risks and significant losses and costs. We are ready to give you all the necessary information at the start to minimize your risks and maximize profits.
    In addition, working in the automotive business is prestigious! As the car fleet and model range grow and expand, you will be able to purchase more and more new car models for yourself, including exclusive ones, drive different cars every day, which will also bring you income!
Amigo car rental franchise is more profitable with us than without us!
    Amigo car rental is a fourteen-year experience of running a business started from scratch. During this time, without any start-up capital, a successful business has been built and vast experience has been accumulated. Amigo Company is one of the leading car rental companies in the Kaliningrad region, successfully competing with the largest, both local and international car rental companies.

    Why is it profitable to open your rental with us?
1. You get a high-quality and unique, selling Internet site whose development cost is more than 300,000 rubles.
2. The kit includes a unique Enterprise Management System - a software product developed directly inside the car rental, which automates work processes and allows you to reduce from 1 to 3 positions of employees (manager, technician, manager). Investments in development – more than 1,000,000 rubles.
3. By cooperating with us, you save on website promotion on the Internet and on advertising. The usual costs for website promotion are from 30,000 rubles per month and above, for the support of advertising campaigns from 15,000 rubles per month, depending on the region.
4. Customer flow from the first day of work!
5. A name known throughout Russia, a high rating and a positive business reputation, 
6. Database of regular customers - tens of thousands of satisfied customers who have used our services will be happy to contact a familiar company while traveling around the country.
7. Information about the subtleties and nuances of this type of business, which will avoid a lot of problems, minimize risks, save time and money.
8. Quick start and support at all stages of work.

    Dear friends, the basis of our cooperation is full openness to our partners at all stages of work. For your convenience, we have developed different cooperation packages. You can always compare our offers with other options on the market and discuss them with us, based on the free provision of information from our side. You can combine packages, stretch their connection over time, and individually discuss the terms of each package.

    At the moment, exclusive rights to use our trademark are granted in Kaliningrad and Yekaterinburg. In St. Petersburg, Crimea, Sochi and Moscow, we cooperate with partners, without granting the rights to use our name. In these cities, the opening of branches seems to be the most promising, since sources of attracting customers have already been established. However, even if you want to do business in the regions where we are already present, it is not a problem. If you want to invest and receive passive income, we offer you to familiarize yourself with our affiliate program. If you already have a working car rental in any region– we offer partnerships for the exchange of customers on a mutually beneficial basis.

    You can get detailed advice and request conditions for the purchase of a franchise by phone +7 908 2 900-908 or by email