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What is the customer's responsibility in the event of damage to the vehicle?

If the client is not the culprit for the damage caused and has provided duly executed documents from the relevant authorized bodies, then he does not bear any responsibility.

If the client has not provided documents from the relevant authorized bodies about the damage to the car, then he is fully responsible for the damage caused.

If the client is the culprit of the damage caused and has provided duly executed documents from the relevant authorized bodies, then he is liable within 5,000 rubles for an ordinary car and within 15,000 rubles for a business class car. In case of severe damage to the car (three or more body elements) - 10,000 rubles for a regular car and 30,000 rubles for a business class car.

Why is the client's liability provided for if the cars are CASCO insured?

We try to provide the client with the highest possible quality of rental service and a high level of protection, while maintaining a low cost of car rental. Contracts with insurance companies are concluded with a deductible, that is, there is a minimum amount that is not refundable in the event of an insured event due to the fault of the client. This part of the damage, according to our contract, will be reimbursed by the client. Among other things, this is a restrictive measure in order to avoid the client's negligence towards the rented car.

How can I be sure that the car will not break down on the road?

The car is a complex technical device and breakdowns happen even on new cars. We try to keep our fleet in good technical condition. All cars are regularly diagnosed and serviced. If, nevertheless, there was a nuisance on the road, our employees are ready at any time of the day to go to your aid and carry out the repair or replacement of the out of order vehicle.

What to do if there is a serious problem with the car?

If you have any questions related to the operation of a rented car, you can ask them to the technical support service around the clock and get appropriate advice.

If the malfunction is minor and does not interfere with the further operation of the car, you can fix it on the spot or by driving to the nearest auto repair shop. We will compensate you for the costs of eliminating faults that have arisen through no fault of yours (be sure to agree with technical support). If the malfunction is serious and has arisen as a result of normal wear and tear, we go to the site and replace the faulty car. If the malfunction has arisen through the fault of the client or as a result of the operation of a knowingly faulty car, a replacement car is not provided, the client will reimburse the repair costs.

Example 1. As a result of the wear of the cooling system pipe, coolant leaked out, which led to overheating of the car. The client noticed the warning light signal and stopped using the car, called the technical support service. The client is provided with a replacement car, the repair costs are borne by the rental company.

Example 2. During the use of the machine, the oil pressure indicator light came on. The client continued moving. As a result, the engine failed. A replacement car is not provided, the client will reimburse the cost of repairing the car.

How can I be sure that the CASCO insurance contract is really concluded?

We do not hand out a CASCO insurance contract to the client, as there is no need for this, in contrast to the CTP insurance policy. Therefore, sometimes clients ask this question. In this respect, you can rest assured. The scope of the client's responsibility is stipulated by the car rental agreement, we will not be able to claim anything beyond that specified in the agreement. Even if, for some reason, the CASCO insurance contract is not promptly extended or is absent, all the risks associated with this are borne by our organization, the client is protected by the terms of our contract!