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       Hull insurance is a type of insurance of vehicles against damage or other risks associated with using it. With regard to car insurance, this includes covering the risks associated with causing damage to the car, even through the fault of the vehicle owner. For a car rental client, the presence of hull insurance on a rented car means that he will not be fully liable even if he has an accident due to his own fault or, in the event of a car theft, will not reimburse its full cost.

       When insuring a car under Hull insurance, a franchise  is provided. A franchise is a fixed amount established by a car insurance contract that the insurance company does not reimburse if the car is damaged. Therefore, the car rental agreement established that this part of the damage, which is not refundable by the insurance company, is compensated by the lessee, that is, the car rental client.

       This norm also has another legal and economic meaning: the tenant bears part of the responsibility for a car damaged through his fault so that he would be more careful about the vehicle provided to him for temporary possession. For the client, this is still much more profitable than concluding a lease agreement with the full responsibility of the tenant. (You can read more about this in our article about Hull insurance)

       Usually, for economy and middle class cars, the franchise is 5-15 thousand rubles. 20,000 - 50,000 rubles or more for business and premium cars, and for exclusive cars can range from several hundred thousand to several million rubles.

       Nevertheless, since Amigo car rental seeks to maximize customer satisfaction, it is possible to completely protect the tenant from any risks associated with the operation of the car, even those that do not cover the standard hull insurance policy, by connecting the option "Full warranty". For a small surcharge, you can guarantee yourself protection in any situations. Read more about the Full Warranty option here.