Main / Car Sharing
Cost (rubles per hour)
Duration (h) Economy Medium Business
1 500 600 1500
2-3 400 500 1300
4-6 300 400 1100
>7 250 350 1000
> 2 days 150 200 500

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    In Kaliningrad, the car-sharing service is gaining more and more popularity. Car sharing is a short-term car rental, with the possibility of paying less than 1 day rental. Car rental Amigo specializes in car rental and long-term car rental lasting more than two days. Nevertheless, trying to satisfy the needs of different categories of tenants, we are ready to offer our customers cars for short-term rent, lasting from one hour. Therefore, if the duration of your trip to the Kaliningrad region is only a few hours, or you need a car for some one-time trip, then in Amigo car rental you can use the car-sharing service. An additional advantage of car sharing is that the car wash is included in the service, that is, the car is washed, or there is no need to pay for the car wash upon return. Rent a car with Amigo - it is profitable and convenient!