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Where is it better to rent a car, at the company's office or order delivery to the airport?

Today in the article we will discuss whether it is profitable to order the delivery of a car to the airport. To do this, we will list the main advantages of this service. But first we will tell you about its scheme so that you can understand what delivery is.It is also similar to a transfer – it is a rental of a previously selected car that will be used in the tourist's arrival region. Unlike a taxi, the customer will drive the car himself during delivery, which is an undoubted advantage for this type of activity. By the way, when you transfer, the driver drives you, not you drive the car.The delivery description is as follows: the rental company delivers the car to the airport and wai...

Where is it better to invest in 2022?

Where is it better to invest in 2022?If you are looking for a reliable way in which business it is better to invest money, then we can offer you passive income in the car rental business. The Amigo partner program is an opportunity to invest your own funds in car rental and earn good money on it.  The essence of the business is to invest in the purchase of cars and their subsequent rental for car users. At the same time, your income can reach up to 70% per annum, more than covering all your needs and expenses for the maintenance of a car. Interested? Call +7 908 2 900-908 or write to and we will hold a consultation.     Amigo company will provide you with all possib...

New Year's special offer at Amigo car rental

Dear friends! In honor of the New Year, we are announcing a festive promotion - we keep reduced rental prices for a number of popular car models!According to the estimates of the government of the Kaliningrad region, our region is going to receive a record number of tourists for the New Year holidays and New Year holidays in 2022! The volume of tourist traffic is expected to be higher than it was accepted in the Kaliningrad region for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.Despite this, on the eve of the New Year, we decided to make a gift to our regular and new customers! For the New Year holidays and for the period up to January 31, 2022, for some popular car models, we leave discounted prices. The...

Amigo car rental is 13 years old, discounts in honor of the company's birthday!

               December 1, 2008. the day of the foundation of the Amigo car rental. For 13 years we have been working fruitfully, providing a service in demand among residents and guests of our region - car rental.                 In honor of our anniversary, we are extending the promotion that was held on the occasion of "Black Friday" and adding another week of low car rental prices. Discounts are up to 30% of the daily rental price, for individual cars.                The cost of the car, taking into account the discount, can be found in the "Prices" section. Please note that discounts provided for other reasons are not cumulative, one largest discount is applied.  We are constantly...

Promotion! Black Friday at Amigo Car Rental!

We are announcing an unprecedented price reduction for Black Friday!              In the period from November 25 to November 30, 2021, there are unprecedented discounts on car rental, up to 30% of the standard rental amount or up to 900 rubles per day. The exact amount of the discount for a specific car model can be viewed on our website in the "Prices" section. Pay attention to the car marked "Promotion". Some discounts, when booking within the next week, we are ready to provide until the end of December 2021. The exact list of cars for which discounts can be provided until 12/25/2021, check with our managers.               Hurry up to book! The offer is limited. Some models of cars a...

Carsharing in Kaliningrad — how does it work?

Carsharing in Kaliningrad is gaining popularity, and yet many do not fully understand what carsharing is, whether it is really convenient, and how everything works. For example, how carsharing differs from classic car rental, how issues with parking, gasoline, insurance are solved, whether a car is available in any area of the city when it is suddenly needed.  In this article we will answer the main questions, make a short excursion into the history of its origin, find out how carsharing appeared in Russia and whether it has prospects for development.                       The history of carsharing          The word carsharing is translated from English as car sharing. This is a rental...

Attention - promotion! Reduction of car rental prices up to 400 rubles for popular models!

From November 15 to December 25, 2021, in Amigo car rental, due to the end of the tourist season, a promotion is being held – prices for a number of popular car models have been significantly reduced. The discount ranges from 100 to 400 rubles per day from the amount of rent.The exact amount of the discount, depending on the selected car, can be viewed on our website in the "Prices" section. Please note that all prices are inclusive of CASCO insurance, no additional payments for insurance will be required.In addition, we will provide an additional discount, from 100 rubles per day, for any car, with a rental period of 7 days or more. Please check the details of the promotion and the ex...

Article about the author of the content on the site

The author of most of the articles on the site is Sorokin Andrey Vladimirovich, who is a recognized expert in the automotive business and in the field of car rental. Business experience-since 2008, when the Amigo car rental was opened. The professionalism of the owner allowed us to build a successful business from scratch to a large company with many employees and branches in different regions of Russia. During this time, Amigo has become a leader in the car rental market in the Kaliningrad region and has the highest rating among car rentals in Kaliningrad. Andrey Sorokin is the author of many articles and studies on the topic of car rental, presented both on this site and...

Transport outsourcing and cars by subscription. The prospects

In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, the transport outsourcing market is actively developing in our country, as it allows companies to significantly save money on using cars for corporate purposes. In addition, ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation consider long-term car rental as an opportunity to travel at affordable prices without owning them – now it is called a subscription car. Therefore, in our article we will talk about the current state of the industry, both for business and for individuals, and in the end we will draw conclusions about the prospects of outsourcing.If we talk about companies, they, of course, often use transport to conduct their activities. For exampl...

Prospects for the development of the car rental and car sharing market

Experts say that the Russian car rental market has great potential, so it is not surprising that it has been actively developing recently. The owners of this business receive a fairly acceptable level of profit due to the successfully developed conjuncture in this branch of the economy.We can conclude that the rental sector is a very promising direction, which we will discuss in detail in our article. In addition, we can cite the fact that entrepreneurs receive a good income, which easily recoups the costs of conducting such activities.The history of rental in RussiaThe origins should be sought in the Soviet era, when the head of the USSR, Khrushchev, decided to create a rolling econom...