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Article about the author of the content on the site

The author of most of the articles on the site is Sorokin Andrey Vladimirovich, who is a recognized expert in the automotive business and in the field of car rental. Business experience-since 2008, when the Amigo car rental was opened. The professionalism of the owner allowed us to build a successful business from scratch to a large company with many employees and branches in different regions of Russia. During this time, Amigo has become a leader in the car rental market in the Kaliningrad region and has the highest rating among car rentals in Kaliningrad. Andrey Sorokin is the author of many articles and studies on the topic of car rental, presented both on this site and on other resources dedicated to the automotive business, as well as the author of a number of comments and expert opinions made at the request of the editors of some automotive-related portals.
Education-Yaroslavl branch of the Military Financial and Economic University. Profession-economist, specialty-finance and credit. Advanced training courses at the Military Financial and Economic Academy.


- organization and management of the vehicle rental business

- management and coordination of the activities of branches, audit and financial control

- auto assembly, professional skills in the field of car purchase and sale

- experience in creating, packaging and selling a car rental business franchise, experience in doing business as a franchisor

- organization of an affiliate program for car rental

- development of a CRM-ERP system ( for automating the activities of a company engaged in renting vehicles, car sharing and taxis

- creating a car rental aggregator - an electronic platform where offers for car rental from various car rental companies in Russia and abroad are collected

Participation in organizations:

- Amigo car rental - owner

- CRM RentProg – CEO

- car rental aggregator - CEO

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