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Transport outsourcing and cars by subscription. The prospects

In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, the transport outsourcing market is actively developing in our country, as it allows companies to significantly save money on using cars for corporate purposes. In addition, ordinary citizens of the Russian Federation consider long-term car rental as an opportunity to travel at affordable prices without owning them – now it is called a subscription car. Therefore, in our article we will talk about the current state of the industry, both for business and for individuals, and in the end we will draw conclusions about the prospects of outsourcing.

If we talk about companies, they, of course, often use transport to conduct their activities. For example, to send goods to your customers or for an accountant's trip to the tax service. However, you need to understand in which cases you should switch to a freelance fleet of cars. Let's look at this issue in more detail.

When is transport outsourcing appropriate?

First, it should be emphasized that enterprises have the following functions in the field of using machines:

* An image component that helps to form a positive image of the organization. That is, managers should drive an executive class car;
* Cars are necessary for the movement of employees around the city to perform their direct duties, for example, for meetings and negotiations;
* Transport is also needed to make the company's staff feel comfortable, and this helps them work as efficiently as possible and achieve the desired result.

Such responsibilities for moving directors and lower-ranking employees can be transferred to a third-party organization, which will significantly save money and time. To understand what prices exist in the field of outsourcing, let's give an example of the average for Russia: so, an executive car for managers can cost 300 thousand rubles a month. Although it is possible to choose a solid option in the Amigo car rental, which will cost up to 100 thousand rubles per month. In addition, the outsourcer will take on such duties as washing the car, refueling it and parking. As for ordinary employees, the client will pay up to 80 thousand rubles a month for their movement, in Amigo you can meet 30 thousand.

It should be noted that these are approximate data, but they will be suitable as a reference point to transfer your part of the business to a freelance direction. Transport outsourcing is not only a convenience for the staff, but also a more efficient operation of the company, as there is a reduction in the costs that went to the maintenance of the company's cars.

Car by subscription as a separate direction of transport outsourcing

Such a service to get a car was born about ten years ago in Western countries and has become very popular with users, as it is a kind of car loan plus wide options for using the car.
Subscriptions were offered not only by manufacturers, but also by other market players, for example, car rental companies.

What is included in the service for providing personal transport? These are the following components of the product:

· First, users can change the already selected car to another brand, but about the same class;
* The customer also receives the possibility of maintenance and assistance when moving;
· And of course the car will be insured for the subscription period.

It should be noted that the price of the service depends on the period of use and such parameters as the option of replacing the car and other amenities that affect the user's comfort. If you compare a subscription with a regular loan or lease, it will cost more due to the package offer. Also, the client may have to make the first payment to start using the machine. The subscription purchase process is quite simple, since it takes place through a website or mobile application, where you need to select the desired model and fill in the data. Then the client pays for the service and picks up the car at the rental point.

Features of use in Russia

Leasing companies like Europlan were pioneers in this industry, but, according to analysts, these players have not achieved much success in the new direction of the car market. But the revival occurred in 2019, when new companies came to the niche.
The ratio of the cost of a car by subscription compared to ownership
So, such manufacturers as Hyundai and Volvo began to engage in subscription. Apparently, the era of a new format of movement by private transport has really come, since a strong player like Yandex recently began to offer such a service.

A few numbers. The Internet holding offers for 19 thousand rubles a month a new Volkswagen Polo brand, which has a mileage of 16 thousand kilometers per year. But the customer will pay almost 50 thousand rubles for a BMW. Quite indicative data for users.

As for the volume of sales by subscription, experts say the following: it is difficult to name the figure due to the fact that there is no single database of statistics, but we can mention the opinion of the Hyundai Motor CIS company, according to which, from October 2019 to summer 2020, the number of customers who have the opportunity to buy a subscription is about 12 thousand people, and those who already drive a car reaches 700 users.

Who does the subscription compete with?

For analysis, you can look at the table below, which is interpreted as follows:
Comparison of ways of owning a car
As you can see, the "Term of ownership" axis shows how much the type of car ownership is used intensively. For example, carsharing is suitable for those who move around the city a little. Well, the longest term refers to an ordinary car loan, which, however, has its drawbacks.
It can also be concluded that the less a consumer drives a car, the less the value of using it in personal possession. In this case, it is better to take a taxi.
And the "Convenience" axis shows us which options are included in the package of a particular type of trip: the subscription is on the 3rd place in terms of convenience and costs.
Well, a typical user of this niche is the person who meets the specified parameters:

* The client wants to drive a car for several months;
· He is ready to change models several times within 2 years;
· Does not want to take a taxi or use carsharing, as they are inconvenient for storing their things, and also using them, you have to spend time to get a car.

Expert opinions on outsourcing

Alexander Ryabtsev, the head of the company "Interleasing", which provides passenger cars for rent, comments that the freelance use of the fleet significantly reduces the costs of accounting and personnel department, which allows customers to concentrate on their main activities.

Experts also believe that if earlier the main customers of transport outsourcing in Russia were foreign organizations in the production niche, now the situation is slowly changing – Russian enterprises, for example, from the financial sector, have begun to show such interest.

Main conclusions

So, in our country, outsourcing in the field of transport is only gaining momentum, since major players have just begun to come to this market, so its prospects are quite obvious, given the fact that businesses are trying to reduce costs in their operating activities, so taking the fleet out of the state will contribute to this trend. In general, the direction is developing and has not yet reached its peak indicators.

Author: Andrey Sorokin, owner of Amigo car rental