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The best beach on the Baltic Sea coast

The new year 2023 has arrived, which means that the next holiday season is just around the corner. The question: "Where to go on vacation?" very quickly finds its logical answer. Of course to the sea! Our imagination immediately draws stunning pictures - bright sun, the sound of waves, soft drinks and sunscreen. Not everyone will be lucky to snatch a vacation in the summer months. Everyone wants to relax, but the work is worth it. And in order to keep up with the charming stories of more enterprising colleagues, sometimes you have to look for a place where it is convenient to contemplate the expanses of the sea both in summer and in winter. It is these qualities that the Kaliningrad region is famous for, so today, especially for you, we will tell you about the westernmost settlement in Russia - Yantarny. Why it should be visited, what sights it conceals and what history is behind its appearance - read on.

Characteristic name

As I like to repeat, everything in Kaliningrad is either "Amber" or "Named after Kant". And then a whole village with that name is put on the map, and for a reason. The extraction of amber at this place began in 1654, in honor of which the settlement was formed. True, in those years it bore the difficult-to-pronounce name of Kraxtepellen, but later it merged with the nearest "district center" - Palmniken, and completely adopted its name.
A feature of the early centuries in the history of the settlement was the extraction of amber by hand, and only by the nineteenth century industry came here, at the same time the economy of the settlement began to grow sharply. After the Great Patriotic War, the extraction of the precious stone was resumed only in 1947, and the village acquired its familiar name.

Our days

Now Yantarny traditionally occupies a leading place in the list of the best beaches in the region. And for a reason, because the length of the new promenade is almost two kilometers of landscaped territory for cultural recreation. Music festivals, beach sports championships and many other events are held here.
A separate local attraction is the Sinyavinskoye (also known as Amber) Lake. If you like diving as a form of leisure and there is no good place in mind in the Kaliningrad region, then this is just what you need.
The tourism sector is an important part of the local economy, along with the industrial extraction of amber. The authorities and local residents are actively developing the infrastructure of the village. New parks, restaurants, hotels are opening, the streets are becoming brighter and more lively every year. The next stage in the development of this wonderful corner of the region should be a new section of the Primorsky Ring highway, which connects Kaliningrad itself with all coastal cities and towns, making the trip to the sea even more convenient and fast.
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How to get to Amber?

We start our journey from Kaliningrad in a comfortable car rented in advance. We are heading along the "Primorsky Ring" towards Zelenogradsk and Svetlogorsk. By the way, we have a separate article about Zelenogradsk and its magical surroundings, do not forget to visit it. A separate recommendation: if by the time you read this material, a direct road to Yantarny already exists, then, if possible, still do not deny yourself the pleasure of driving through Svetlogorsk and further along the old road. On a fine day, driving through a dense forest, enjoying every ray of sunlight breaking through the overhanging tree crowns over the road is a most pleasant feeling that will leave a pleasant aftertaste at least until the end of the day. If you have more than enough time, then before visiting Yantarny it is recommended to stop by Filinskaya Bay, it will be just on the way. We have already gone there together with our Mitsubishi Outlander, you can find out more on the official YouTube channel of Amigo car rental. The whole road from Kaliningrad will take about an hour of a leisurely drive to good music. Don't forget to make your passengers sing along, this has never made travel worse.

A little from the locals

We can talk endlessly about each of our favorite places in our native Kaliningrad region. A rare child in our region did not frolic on the wide coast of Yantarny at one time, and this warm carefree atmosphere is always transmitted to travelers who have overcome the long road to the westernmost village in Russia. The names of local settlements are increasingly flashing in the lists of the best coastal resorts, and this can not but please. Every year Kaliningrad receives more and more new visitors, who often decide to stay here forever. And it is not difficult to understand them, because the unusual beauty of the Amber Region can rarely leave anyone indifferent.
We really want you to appreciate both the local attractions and the level of service that our company will provide you for the best acquaintance with Kaliningrad. We are waiting for you in the westernmost region of Russia and in its best car rental - "Amigo". We have become friends for thousands of our customers for almost a decade and a half.