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Chernyakhovsk is another important point on the map of the Kaliningrad region.

Kaliningrad region is a source of new impressions for fans of small, but very intense trips. Every year about one and a half million people discover the sights of the Amber Region, many of whom come to us for the first time. It is for the enlightenment of future guests and residents of Kaliningrad that we have prepared a series of small interesting articles at Amigo car rental about places that you can easily visit and take with you more pleasant memories.
The most favorite cities of our clients this year have traditionally been Kaliningrad itself, as well as seaside resorts - Zelenogradsk (INSERT LINK), Svetlogorsk and Yantarny. And they quite often complete the geography of the travel of guests of our region. We are always keenly interested in why their choice fell on these cities, because there are still many interesting sights in the region that allow us to feel its quaint atmosphere much better. And a very common answer to this question is the simple ignorance of people about how much more the Amber Region is ready to offer if, after walking by the sea, they take a course in the opposite direction from it. And today's idea for your trip will be a series of historical sights of the Chernyakhovsky district.
Chernyakhovsky Municipal District, or for short, Chernyakhovsky district, is a fairly large territory about an hour and a half drive from Kaliningrad, including the city of Chernyakhovsk, one of the largest cities in the region, as well as 101 other settlements of various sizes and saturation.
Centuries ago, the historical region of Prussia called Nadrovia was located here, and it traces its history back to ancient times, when the tribe of the same name lived here. After the transition of the region to the USSR, it was briefly called Insterburgskaya, after the original name of Chernyakhovsk, and was later renamed along with the city. 
It is worth starting your journey from Chernyakhovsk itself. The wonderful city has preserved a lot of historical buildings and monuments, and the constant landscaping work carried out here will pleasantly surprise you with clean streets and modern infrastructure. Buses rarely come here from Kaliningrad, so for your convenience, we recommend that you rent a car in Kaliningrad beforehand and drive comfortably along a straight, well-maintained highway in one and a half to two hours. If you have already managed to get here in any way, then do not despair. Car rental "Amigo" delivers cars to its customers absolutely anywhere in the region, at a convenient time and without prepayment. 
The first settlers settled on the site of present-day Chernyakhovsk in the 10th century BC. The local tribes were quite developed and now it is thanks to excavations on this territory that we learn a lot about the culture, life and rituals of the Prussians. In 1336, the Teutonic Order built the Insterburg Castle here, which occupied a very important strategic position in its Lithuanian campaigns. You can still look at the remains of the majestic ancient structure today, which we will tell you about a little later. At various times, the settlement was visited by such personalities as the Swedish Queen Maria Eleonora, Peter the Great, Napoleon and of course Immanuel Kant, who in his youth worked as a teacher near Insterburg. Impressive visitors, presumably, were satisfied. Moreover, so much so that the Swedes even captured the city for a while. We hope that he will not disappoint you either. 
Sights of Chernyakhovsk
Insterburg Castle
Unfortunately, it is already impossible to contemplate it in all its beauty. However, it is still necessary to touch the remains of living history. The southern area of the castle and part of the walls around the territory have been partially preserved. Initially, the castle was built of wood, but over time it was destroyed and burned twice, in view of its main purpose, so the next time it was rebuilt from stone. And in this form it existed for the next centuries, having survived not only countless local military clashes, but also two world wars. The Second World War significantly undermined his condition, so Insterburg has survived to this day in its current form. At the present time, a lot of historical research has been conducted on its territory, and non-profit organizations have been fighting for the preservation of the castle at least in its current state. In 2010, Insterburg, like many architectural monuments, was transferred to the ROC department.
Cathedral of the Archangel Michael
The neo-Romanesque church was built in 1883, in honor of the 300th anniversary of the granting of Insterburg city rights. Due to the rather small age, by the standards of the sights of the Kaliningrad region, it has survived to this day and still performs its functions. The twentieth century turned out to be difficult for him and the condition of the cathedral was approaching emergency, but in 1989 its active restoration began, which gives us the opportunity to enjoy the stunning historical monument and even get inside it.
Church of St. Bruno
The attraction is really unique, taking into account the entire historical context of the Kaliningrad region. The Church of St. Bruno is quite young - the construction was finally completed only in 1912. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the church has been Catholic throughout its history, and it still functions in this status. In addition to divine services, organ concerts are also held here, so a visit to the Church of St. Bruno can be an even more interesting event for you.

Georgenburg Castle
If we talk about the most preserved castle buildings of the Amber Region, then there is no way to avoid Georgenburg.
Since 1337, it has experienced a lot - Tatar raids, almost complete destruction and capture by the Lithuanians, capture by the Swedes and rent by a Russian insurance bank in the 90s. However, Georgenburg has almost completely survived to the present day. Archaeological excavations were often carried out on the territory of the castle, and after its transfer to the ROC, work on its transformation began in earnest. Now you can get on the most interesting excursions around the castle and learn even more about the history of the structure and the Kaliningrad region as a whole.
Stud farm "Georgenburg"
Moving from visiting historical buildings to more modern types of recreation, it is worth mentioning the entertaining part of the Hindenburg tour, which includes a horse farm. If you (or your children) have a passion for the animal world, do not deny yourself the pleasure of getting to know the world of horses better. Here you can see these beautiful animals of all stripes and breeds, learn more about their breeding and maintenance, and even take a ride! There is even a whole equestrian section for dedicated professionals, but for this, perhaps, you will have to settle in Chernyakhovsk for a longer period.
The museum-repository of the cognac factory "Alliance 1892"
An unusual modern complex will immediately attract your attention. Noble leisure with a noble drink - this is about how you can describe the excursions that have been taking place here recently. Having pleased the children with horseback riding, you can finally enjoy the adults, because at the end of the tour you will have a tasting of the best varieties of cognac from the storage, as well as a shop where you can buy your favorite liquid souvenir. In no case do we incline you to continue your journey drunk driving. Therefore, when concluding a contract at the Amigo car rental, we will include an additional driver in it for free, if he is suitable for age and driving experience. 
Villa Brandes
A beautiful estate of the 19th century, which has survived to this day in its original form. You will be able to see firsthand how beautiful the architecture of the past was with its slightly pretentious facades and finishes. The traditional Prussian manor now performs the noble function of a kindergarten, but it can become a wonderful location for memorable photos from your personal collection.
Of course, these are not all interesting locations around Chernyakhovsk, but only a small list of personal recommendations. But now you know that the Kaliningrad region is not only promenades by the sea, it is also a lot of interesting places away from it. Learn more about them from personal experience, and let your trip be unforgettable!
And for those who want to conveniently and comfortably visit all the most interesting sights of the Amber Region, the Amigo car rental always cordially opens its doors. For 14 years we have been pleasantly surprising our customers with high-quality service, a diverse fleet of vehicles and the best conditions on the car rental market in the Kaliningrad region. You can leave a request for booking a car at a convenient day and hour through our website, you just need to go higher on this page.
 We look forward to seeing you in Kaliningrad. 
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