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Four secret places in Kaliningrad that are kept secret by local residents!

Four secret places in Kaliningrad that are kept secret by local residents

They are not included in the lists of attractions, they are rarely remembered on the Internet, and many locals, if they have heard of them, are unlikely to have been there often. This article will be useful both for those who intend to visit Kaliningrad for a long time, and for those who have recently moved here and have already managed to get tired of traveling along the most popular routes.
We in the friendly team of Amigo car rental are very fond of traveling, including in our native Amber region. And we are happy to share with you our impressions of our favorite places in a series of articles on our website and in person if you decide to rent a car in the Kaliningrad region. You can talk about the most basic tourist locations of the region endlessly, for example, about the beauties of Zelenogradsk (insert a link) or the bright sights of Kaliningrad itself (also insert a link). But often our dear customers, who come to Kaliningrad for a vacation not for the first time, are interested in little-known points on the map of the region, which only local residents could tell about. There are such gems in every region – few tourists, a lot of local flavor and an interesting experience that you haven't had time to get yet. And today, especially for you, we will tell you about four such places that you can easily fit into your route (or use an existing insert link).

1. For fans of inspiring views.

The village of Donskoye is a wonderful place to relax in nature. It is located just an hour's drive from the center of Kaliningrad and twenty minutes from Svetlogorsk. It is desirable to combine a trip to Donskoye with a trip to the last one, so you will have time to collect the greatest number of impressions.
Donskoye, or Gross Dirschkaym, as this place was called before 1946, is a small village on the coast, and that is why it is interesting. Not far from unremarkable residential buildings there is a quiet dense forest, and behind it there is a sharp cliff to the coast. Do not rush down to the sea, look for a safe way down to the left along the coastline. From a height, incredible photos of nature are obtained, in which there will be no extra equipment or structures looming. Most of the year you are unlikely to meet people there at all, except for rare locals and amber hunters. And look carefully at your feet, otherwise acquaintance with the Baltic coast can become very fast and, unfortunately, short-term. Places are mostly wild, fences and railings are not everywhere.
In summer, the coast in Donskoy is the best wild beach in the whole region. In terms of cleanliness, silence and solitude, the Curonian Spit can compete with it, perhaps. But in its most beautiful places, alas, it is already forbidden for an honest person to walk, but in the Don no one will watch you so closely. But even in the cold season there is something to look at here – the views of the raging cold sea from the height of the cliff will not leave any nature lover indifferent.
How to get to the village of Donskoye? The easiest way is by car. Only about 60 km from Kaliningrad. Leave the city from Alexander Nevsky Street. Here you can rent a car at the Amigo car rental and definitely not worry about whether your iron horse will survive the planned trip. Our cars are always fully serviced, washed and refueled in anticipation of new travelers.

2. For lovers of revived history.

Zheleznodorozhny is another small village with a completely unremarkable name in the Kaliningrad region. It is located in the Pravdinsky district, about an hour and a half drive from Kaliningrad, and it is worth visiting it by making a small detour on the way to Chernyakhovsk.
In the history of Gerdauen (the name before 1947) for many centuries there was really everything – the devastation by Polish troops, large fires destroying the entire settlement, plague epidemics and subsequent devastation. However, the Railway stood in its place no matter what, and it is still in no hurry to go into oblivion.
The first thing you definitely need to see is the center of the village, part of the streets of which are designed in the historically authentic style of the beginning of the last century. There is also an entertaining museum-cafe "Gramophone", fans of small cozy exhibitions are definitely recommended to visit. In addition to exploring the castle ruins nearby, it is worth driving a little further along the main street, to the gloomy and impressive "Kraitzhaus". This eye-catching structure in the style of the new German Baroque was built back in 1905 and for a long time served as the local high school of Gerdauen, then became an orphanage and finally a boarding school for orphans. For such noble purposes, the giant was used until 2006, when the building was recognized as an emergency due to its age and abandoned. Now it is very interesting to walk around it, and against the background of its facade, beautiful and atmospheric photos are obtained at any time of the year. Let's hope that the course taken by the regional authorities for the revival and restoration of the Railway will sooner or later affect this beautiful structure.
How to get to the Railway Station?
The path, by the standards of the tiny Kaliningrad region, is really long and thorny. We recommend going there only by car and capturing a wonderful village along with a visit to Chernyakhovsk and its surroundings.

3. For lovers of delicious food.

The village of Talpaki is the legendary birthplace of the most delicious Kaliningrad chebureks of monstrous sizes.
The settlement was formed in the 1300s around the fortress of the Teutonic Order "Talpaken". Chebureks did not smell here then, but local salt deposits were very useful in the Middle Ages. In addition, the successful location of the fortress at the fork of the roads from Konigsberg to Tilsit (now Sovetsk) and Insterburg (now Chernyakhovsk) had a very good effect on the well-being of the local population.
The event of interest to most travelers took place here at the turn of the XX and XXI centuries, when the village became famous throughout the region for delicious chebureks. The locals were not too lazy to follow them about 100 km from the city, because the goal really justified any means. The affairs of the masters of culinary art have gone uphill, and now right next to the road you can see as many as two cheburechnaya on both sides, the largest attention is attracted by a large modern building on the right hand in the direction of movement, near it there is a large parking lot and a tall spire with a giant sign in the form of, directly, a cheburek.
The institution has come a long way to a real complex, which is never empty of visitors. Those who want to try one of the many types of delicious chebureks the size of an adult's head are not only among the residents of the region, but also among travelers. The convenient location of the village still plays an important role in this, as it did hundreds of years ago. Now branches of Cheburechnaya Talpaki can be found in many shopping centers of the region, but really the most memorable trip will be to her homeland.
How to get to Talpaki village?
Going on the road to Chernyakhovsk or Sovetsk, you will in any case pass through Talpaki, do not spare time for a short stop to refresh yourself and continue the journey with renewed vigor.

4. For lovers of peace and solitude.

Vishtynets Lake is a criminally underestimated pearl of the Kaliningrad region. The purest lake with a depth of up to 54 meters, around which the forests of the natural park of the same name spread their branches.
It takes about three hours to get there in one direction, so we advise you to make this march only if you have a very serious desire for it. It is worth staying there overnight, since the Vishtynets campsite is ready to welcome its visitors very close by with its quite affordable prices for simple housing. And even if the way to the lake from Kaliningrad is not at all close, the cost of your time will more than pay off with incredible views and clean air, an atmosphere of peace and quiet and unity with nature. Be sure to wake up early and take a look at the lake, covered with a light morning haze. One of the most valuable sources of drinking water in Central Europe is not often visited by tourists, so it is very unlikely that your secluded vacation will be disturbed by crowds of people, from whom we so often get tired in the hustle and bustle of the city.
How to get to Vishtynets Lake?
The journey by car from Kaliningrad takes about three hours. Move through Talpaki towards Chernyakhovsk, and then through Gusev towards the edge of the region. It is better to use the navigator. The bus to this landmark of the region also runs, but think well, is it worth spending so much time on a not the most comfortable trip by public transport?
Traveling is a chance to find a second wind in the endless bustle of our existence. Make good use of every minute of your wonderful vacation, gain new impressions and take with you the best memories of the Kaliningrad region. 
Amigo car rental is always ready to help you and make your trip really comfortable and safe. Our cars are always kept in the best condition and are ready to take you anywhere in the region, so as not to miss any interesting location in the shortest possible time. Depending on the season, we provide our customers with a flexible system of discounts and full round-the-clock support, including advice on any questions that arise. You can get acquainted with the current prices for our fleet and leave a request in advance for booking a car you like directly on this website, we will contact you ourselves to confirm the reservation and have a short pleasant conversation.
With best wishes, the team of car rental "Amigo".