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How to open a franchise business with Amigo.

This type of activity is suitable for those people who planned to open their own business, but do not know how to do it correctly. At the same time, it is necessary to tell a little about the Amigo company so that you understand the advantages of working with it. 
- Firstly, it is the popularity of the company's brand throughout Russia;
- In addition, Amigo has a large customer base;
- The company also has all the necessary tools to work in the car rental market;
- The organization has a call center that processes incoming customer requests;
- And most importantly, Amigo has a lot of experience – since 2008, that is, for 14 years. The company is ready to transfer the accumulated knowledge to its partners on mutually beneficial terms.
It is also important to note that Amigo will provide customers starting from the first day of cooperation. 
It is worth highlighting the point that despite the commissions and the cost of the franchise, the investment pays off in a short time. This became possible thanks to the accumulated experience, which we are ready to transfer to our partners already at the very start of the franchise, which will reduce business risks and, in turn, increase profit
, Let's list the main advantages of cooperation with Amigo!
• Firstly, after the acquisition of the franchise, our partner will have a website through which he will sell car rental services.
• Amigo will also provide its own CRM, which has spent an impressive amount of money on programming. Thanks to its use, you will be able to optimize the work processes in your activities and improve the efficiency of your employees.
• Thanks to the franchise, our partners significantly reduce the cost of website promotion on the Internet and advertising their services. It should be noted that they usually amount to more than 30 thousand rubles a month – and this is not the limit. 
• Due to the above factors, you will receive customers immediately.
• The Amigo company is known in Russia, which will help in the future when the franchise operates in other regions.
• We have formed a large base of satisfied and loyal customers who will use our services in other cities, including the company's partners.
• Amigo will tell you about the intricacies of running a car rental business, as he has extensive experience of 14 years. This factor will help to reduce the risks in working in the market.
• We support partners from the first day of the franchise and accompany them further.
It is important to highlight such an aspect as the possibility of developing cooperation packages on an individual basis, since Amigo is ready for an open dialogue and discussion of the terms of the franchise.  
Thanks to this, potential partners will always be able to compare our program with other offers, so this moment is also an advantage of cooperation. 
In addition, you can flexibly form a franchise, for example, combine conditions or extend the time of activation of the cooperation program. 
By the way, our trademark is currently used in Yekaterinburg. As for St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi and Crimea, partnerships have been established in these cities without using the company name Amigo. Therefore, the potential for business development is visible to the naked eye. 
It can be concluded that it is best to open a car rental business when there is someone to rely on and from whom you can get valuable and important information so that your business can start making a profit in the first month. It is the franchise from Amigo company that will help you do this. Our help in work is your success.