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Advantages of switching to transport outsourcing.

First you need to understand who needs this type of outsourcing. In general, the use of vehicles includes many types of activities, for example, such as the departure of employees to the company's clients or the trip of an accounting employee to the bank, etc. An important fact is also the image of the organization for which you need to use the car.
Most companies do this to solve the following tasks:
• The head of the company must drive an executive car, as he has to communicate with the directors of other organizations.
• Employees of companies should also be able to use transport in their work in order to ensure the full operation of the enterprise.
• The car is also useful if the organization has remote divisions that need to be reached by road.
• The employee must also receive comfortable working conditions, so the car will be part of the social package.
In these cases, the company simply needs transport, but it is necessary to decide whether to organize its own division or to outsource everything. This type of activity includes the following functions: the purchase of cars, their registration with the traffic police, obtaining insurance, providing maintenance at the right time, carrying out repairs when a car breaks down, the need to store it in the parking lot, monitoring the costs of gasoline and other fuels and lubricants, hiring drivers, as well as working with accounting documents like waybills.
What gives the transition to transport outsourcing:
• The company reduces the cost of vehicles up to 25% of all expenses for this function.
• The company optimizes the number of employees of the transport department.
• The organization optimizes the volume of investments in non-core activities.
• The use of analytical reporting helps to increase the transparency of the use of cars in real time.
• Outsourcing helps to improve transport safety through strict compliance with laws in this area.
• Outsourcing partners help to update the fleet of cars on time.
• Car expenses become variable costs, which gives decent savings.
• Outsourcing companies provide modern services in the field of motor transport.
Perhaps these are the most basic advantages of switching to transport outsourcing. Now let's give examples of companies that use it in their activities.
Large organizations using TA
Such an enterprise is the Seven+Ya grocery store chain, which uses carriers, since the delivery of goods is much cheaper than maintaining your own fleet for this function.
Another such company is "M.Video", which actively develops outsourcing of all types of non-core activities. As for the transport direction, the commercial structure leases distribution hubs, and also cooperates with cargo carriers – this is stated by the director of logistics of the organization Irina Dementieva. And a properly structured tender procedure in conjunction with IT tools helps to achieve effective indicators in this area. The company also uses mathematical modeling to plan logistics chains.
The company "Amigo" is a leader in car rental and can offer excellent service to its customers, as it has experience since 2008 and a modern fleet to meet all the needs of car rental enthusiasts.