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Where is it better to rent a car, at the company's office or order delivery to the airport?

Today in the article we will discuss whether it is profitable to order the delivery of a car to the airport. To do this, we will list the main advantages of this service. But first we will tell you about its scheme so that you can understand what delivery is.

It is also similar to a transfer – it is a rental of a previously selected car that will be used in the tourist's arrival region. Unlike a taxi, the customer will drive the car himself during delivery, which is an undoubted advantage for this type of activity. By the way, when you transfer, the driver drives you, not you drive the car.

The delivery description is as follows: the rental company delivers the car to the airport and waits for the customer to arrive and pick up the car for trips.
The car is served directly to the exit from the airport, and if its parking is paid, the manager of the rental company picks up customers and takes them to the free one, which is usually located near the airport. There is a registration and signing of a car rental agreement. This process takes no more than 15-20 minutes. After that, the tourist can use the car and travel around the selected region for his own pleasure. 

The question arises where it would be convenient to rent a car when a client arrives by plane to the city of visit. Let's list the advantages of airport delivery below:

· Generally low cost of this service, including at night;
· The price is lower than that of car rentals located at the airport;
· Ease of use, as the car will be waiting for you at the time specified when ordering. This is only possible with Amigo;
· In addition, the customer significantly saves money and time compared to taxis and public transport. It is also inconvenient on the bus when you carry a lot of luggage and go with a large company;
· Renting a car and its delivery is even more profitable when you have bought a ticket to stay in resort cities like Svetlogorsk, Baltiysk and Yantarny;
· It is also advisable to use car delivery to the airport in large cities such as St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Sochi, Simferopol, since their air gates are located at a great distance from the city;
· This leads to another advantage, which is that in some cases it is better to overpay for one day of rent and rent a car than then book delivery to the resort town.

By the way, the employees of the Amigo company can tell you the direction and sights, where it is better to go and what is better to visit in the cities where you arrived. 
As for the return of the car after its rental, everything happens about the same as it was rented, only in reverse order. Don't worry, our company managers will explain how to return the car correctly to save time. Sometimes it may turn out that it will be possible to leave the car not only on a special site, but also in the parking area at the airport. You will only have to follow the instructions of our managers.

In any case, we will try to simplify the procedure for returning a car so that next time you choose us again as a car rental company.
Recall that our car rental organization is one of the leaders in this area and has been operating in the car rental market since 2008. The company has high ratings on Google maps and Yandex maps which is proof of the high level of service.

We think that now it has become clear to you why it is so profitable to deliver a car to the airport, and we, in turn, will help you get this service quickly and with minimal money and time. 
Choosing Amigo company, you will not regret it!