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Where is it better to invest in 2022?

Where is it better to invest in 2022?
If you are looking for a reliable way in which business it is better to invest money, then we can offer you passive income in the car rental business. 
The Amigo partner program is an opportunity to invest your own funds in car rental and earn good money on it.  
The essence of the business is to invest in the purchase of cars and their subsequent rental for car users. At the same time, your income can reach up to 70% per annum, more than covering all your needs and expenses for the maintenance of a car. Interested? Call +7 908 2 900-908 or write to and we will hold a consultation.     
Amigo company will provide you with all possible support so that you get a profitable investment at the box office. The help is as follows: we select the necessary car and take care of all operational activities related to car rental. You can only get money in business.   
Advantages of the affiliate program 
• Amigo company is a leading player in the car rental market, so your car will be provided with a large number of orders;
• The partner has access to the CRM system, which allows you to be aware of the work of the business;
• In addition, the Amigo rental service has a lot of positive reviews and an excellent reputation;
• Just become a partner of the company, as the company has been operating on the market for almost 15 years, which indicates low investment risks in earning money on cars.
Estimated profitability  
One car worth 500 thousand rubles brings revenue of 30 thousand rubles per month to the owner's hands (our commission has already been taken into account). For the year, the income will be 360 thousand rubles, which is equal to 72% per annum. It seems that the question of whether it is worth investing in a car is no longer relevant. 
What else is the benefit of the partner program from Amigo? 
• The car rental service has an established channel for attracting customers, so you just have to rent a car;
• Our investors simply make a profit – the organization of the workflow lies with Amigo;
• In addition, we provide comprehensive rental services: security service, interaction with authorities, access to paid customer verification services. 
And if we compare business with renting a car for a taxi, then our partner program has the following advantages:
• Our customers are more careful about cars, so it is already clear which business to open;
• Your car will have a lower average daily mileage, hence fewer repairs and lower accident rate;
• In the car rental service, the service life is an order of magnitude longer – up to 7 years;
• If you sell a car from under a taxi, you will lose more money;
• The cost of the service is higher than in a taxi. This is another advantage of renting a car;
• Unlike a taxi, you can use any car at the rental.
To get more details about where to invest money for passive income - call +7 908 2 900-908 or write to and we will hold a consultation.
Today, in order to invest in a business, it is not necessary to open it from scratch. You can simply invest your own funds in a stable and developing business and make a profit without wasting time on its organization. 
Experts believe that the car rental market will continue to grow: at the moment, the figure is about 20% per year. This is due to the fact that the younger generation in Russia is increasingly switching to carsharing and car rental in general. 
Amigo company offers an excellent niche where to invest. This is the field of car rental, in which we have valuable experience and excellent profitability. At the moment, the service is one of the largest rentals in Kaliningrad, dynamically developing in the regions of Russia (Sochi, Crimea, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg) and has many positive reviews.  
And these are not just words – just read the opinions of users who have used our company. Amigo is chosen due to the high-quality work of the company, so we are ready to expand our activities in other regions of Russia, attracting cars from investors and partners for a large number of orders from our customers. Perhaps this is a great way to invest your own funds in the business.       
Having a car is an excellent material asset, as it can bring income or give you the opportunity to save your funds in a time of crisis. In addition, you can always sell a car and get money in a short time, since a car is a liquid object. We think that you understand what kind of business to invest a million rubles in.
So, according to experts, in 2021, car prices were growing by leaps and bounds. Even real estate did not show such dynamics. However, the advantage of buying a car in comparison with it is a greater profitability and a lower entry threshold.  
For example, you can start earning on a car by investing 500 thousand rubles, and in the real estate sector you need to have at least 3 million rubles. But it is important to note that we can help you with the purchase of a car, as we have tremendous experience in this activity.
Amigo Company provides support to its investors on all issues of the partner program, so it is already clear where you can invest for passive income. 
The partner only needs to sign a contract and provide his car or money for its purchase, and we will deal with all the operational activities of the business. And, most importantly, we undertake the search for tenant customers and all actions related to the rental of a car, its timely return and payment of rent. 
It should also be noted that the investor will get access to business analytics thanks to his own Rentprog CRM, which means that he will see all the information on his car. It seems that now it is clear which business to open in 2022.   
After analyzing the statistics of car rental through CRM, you can understand that our affiliate program is really a real working scheme for earning money in the car rental market.  
It becomes clear that investing in our business is much more profitable than opening your own car rental. In our case, you can start a partnership even with one machine. But in an independent project, you will spend more than you earn because of a small fleet of cars and high promotion costs. 
In your own company, you will have to create a selling website, look for a suitable office, pay salaries to employees, advertise the company – and these expenses of time and money do not pay off well in a small business. Even if you work with such a platform as Avito, it will not give a lot of profitability due to strong competition and weak loading of the fleet.  
It should also be noted that customers with Avito are not the most responsible people, as they are looking for cheap car rental options and do not look at quality and safety. This attitude will also apply to rented cars. Therefore, investing in a business share under our affiliate program is a great way to invest money. 
You can also compare it with such activities as renting a car for a taxi. At first glance, in this case it turns out a profitable and understandable scheme, as well as 100% loading of the car. But in fact, there are significant disadvantages and risks that offset all the main advantages.   
In practice, the load is rarely full, while the cars are used by drivers for up to 2 days free of charge according to the 6/1 and 5/2 scheme. The taxi driver will continue to work on the car according to these conditions. It seems better to really rent a car for rent.
In addition, the cost of renting a taxi is much lower than in the car rental market. This is due to the high competition in this niche. Here you can also add the fact that the average daily mileage of a taxi driver's car is much higher, respectively, wear is faster. 
A car rented as a taxi has an annual mileage of at least 150 thousand km, or even more. As for rental, the figures here are much more modest – about 40 thousand km. These figures directly affect the life of the car in these niches. In any case, it's worth investing in a car and making good money. 
It is also worth noting that in the future it will be very difficult to sell a taxi driver's car for a reasonable price, but Amigo can sell rental cars even more expensive than they bought. Therefore, it is already profitable to become a partner of the company. 
You can also add such a fact as the quality of modern taxi drivers, which remains at a low level. Basically, these are people from Central Asia, who are not always responsible for the car and its operation. 
As for the car rental sector, the clients there are mostly wealthy tourists who have no reason to break cars, as this may spoil the vacation. That's why renting a car is a profitable investment.  
Amigo employees have extensive experience in car rental and will help you with car care. We will also help you save money on repairs and maintenance of transport, as we know where it is more profitable to do it. In addition, our security service will prevent possible problems with customers who rent a car. 
It is important to note that partners can cooperate with us even if they are not in Kaliningrad. Amigo develops its business in three directions: the opening of its own representative offices of our brand, the opening of branches under the Amigo car rental franchise and the search for rental partners. You can buy a franchise from us inexpensively and develop your business yourself, but you don't have to do it. It is much easier to become a partner and simply receive passive income without wasting your time at all.    
At the moment, Amigo has opened its own representative offices in Yekaterinburg, Crimea and Sochi. Soon they will also appear in Yaroslavl, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Negotiations are underway with potential partners on the organization of business in Novosibirsk, Kazan and Krasnodar. In general, a serious expansion of our company's activities is planned.
I hope now you understand how to open a profitable business? No need to buy a franchise, no need to buy a ready-made business, no need to buy a share in the business, no need to invest your money by giving it to dubious enterprises, no need to take risks! You just buy a car, register it for yourself, provide it to us under an agency agreement and earn! If you are not satisfied with the level of income, you can always pick up the car, sell it and return all the money invested. Invest in profitable cars by becoming our partner. At the same time, it is easy to change the region of presence to a more profitable one, about which we give recommendations to our investors. Passive income with Amigo is real!
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