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Car rental in Kaliningrad with CASCO

Hull insurance is a type of insurance of vehicles against damage or other risks associated with their operation. With regard to car insurance it is including covering the risks associated with causing damage to the car, even through the fault of the vehicle owner. For a car rental client, the presence of hull insurance on a rented car means that he will not be fully liable even if he has an accident due to his own fault or in the event of a car theft will not reimburse its full cost.
       In most car rental companies in Kaliningrad cars are insured only under compulsory motor third-party liability insurance (OSAGO) and the lease agreement provides for the full responsibility of the client for any damage or theft of the car rental provided. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all potential car rental customers carefully read the information posted on car rental sites, the conditions for renting a car, and due to the fact that often many companies are silent about the fact that their contract provides for the full responsibility of the client, specify this car rental staff directly. But even in a telephone conversation (according to the feedback of our customers) false information may be provided to you (and most firms do not provide a contract for review remotely, only upon arrival at the office) therefore, most importantly, carefully read the car rental agreement.
       Our rental agreement provides for limited customer liability. That is why our clients are protected by our contract. We have clear and transparent conditions and an honest car rental agreement. All information is set forth in detail on our website in the "Conditions" section, we are ready to answer all additional questions by phone, our lease agreement can be found here.
       Contact only reliable and trusted companies, take care of your nerves and money. Taking care of you, Amigo car rental! 
Author: Andrey Sorokin, owner of Amigo car rental