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A forest you haven't seen yet!

Living in an urban environment is certainly convenient for most people. All the necessary infrastructure is at hand, entertainment for every taste, and of course a large selection of suitable work for you. But sometimes, the hustle and bustle of the city tires us, and the surest solution in the fight against fatigue and burnout will be to turn to the endless natural resources of our Homeland. Breathe in a breath of fresh air, wander along secluded paths in search of peace and new strength for a full life.If you are going to visit the Kaliningrad region, you have probably already heard about the Curonian Spit National Park. Huge forest expanses turn into sand dunes, which have no end. T...

The best beach on the Baltic Sea coast

The new year 2023 has arrived, which means that the next holiday season is just around the corner. The question: "Where to go on vacation?" very quickly finds its logical answer. Of course to the sea! Our imagination immediately draws stunning pictures - bright sun, the sound of waves, soft drinks and sunscreen. Not everyone will be lucky to snatch a vacation in the summer months. Everyone wants to relax, but the work is worth it. And in order to keep up with the charming stories of more enterprising colleagues, sometimes you have to look for a place where it is convenient to contemplate the expanses of the sea both in summer and in winter. It is these qualities that the Kaliningrad re...

Chernyakhovsk is another important point on the map of the Kaliningrad region.

Kaliningrad region is a source of new impressions for fans of small, but very intense trips. Every year about one and a half million people discover the sights of the Amber Region, many of whom come to us for the first time. It is for the enlightenment of future guests and residents of Kaliningrad that we have prepared a series of small interesting articles at Amigo car rental about places that you can easily visit and take with you more pleasant memories.The most favorite cities of our clients this year have traditionally been Kaliningrad itself, as well as seaside resorts - Zelenogradsk (INSERT LINK), Svetlogorsk and Yantarny. And they quite often complete the geography of the travel...

Four secret places in Kaliningrad that are kept secret by local residents!

Four secret places in Kaliningrad that are kept secret by local residentsThey are not included in the lists of attractions, they are rarely remembered on the Internet, and many locals, if they have heard of them, are unlikely to have been there often. This article will be useful both for those who intend to visit Kaliningrad for a long time, and for those who have recently moved here and have already managed to get tired of traveling along the most popular routes.We in the friendly team of Amigo car rental are very fond of traveling, including in our native Amber region. And we are happy to share with you our impressions of our favorite places in a series of articles on our website an...

The best resort in the Kaliningrad region that you definitely need to visit!

In our previous article, we took you through the most pleasant and famous places in Kaliningrad. Sightseeing of the city itself is not worth finishing here – we have many more interesting locations that will suit both lovers of learning history with their own eyes (and even touching with their hands), and for those who just want to have fun in an unfamiliar city. That is why we provide a small guide to the city to all our customers who want to rent a car in Kaliningrad. It contains the main sights of the city with a brief description, as well as a ready-made weekly itinerary for traveling if you are going to us for the first time. Your journey will take on new colors if the goal is not...

5 places in Kaliningrad that will make you fall in love with this city.

Travel is a serious matter. It very rarely happens completely spontaneously, and must necessarily leave behind a lot of warm memories, positive emotions, as well as a stack of photos of yourself in places that locals always talk about with pride and reverence. It is a dubious pleasure to go to a city in which even the aborigines can hardly name a couple of places that can sink into the soul.Fortunately, today we will talk about a completely different point on the map. Everyone talks about Kaliningrad, and the further away from it, the more often. Even fifteen years ago, few people knew anything specific about him in "Big Russia", as they say here. Someone heard something about the sea,...

A week-long route through the Kaliningrad region

Ancient European cities, the raging Baltic Sea, ancient monuments of German heritage and protected corners of nature. All this is waiting for you, you only have to drive the route that our team has compiled and tested.Our route is circular and starts from Kaliningrad. But contrary to expectations, after the regional center does not rush to the coast. Instead of resorts, the route will first pass through ancient German cities, and we will finish with sunsets on the Baltic Sea coast. Let's get started!1 day. KaliningradRegardless of what you arrived in the region by plane, train, or car, you should start from Kaliningrad. The former city of Konigsberg, the center of the entire edge of Ea...

How to open a franchise business with Amigo.

This type of activity is suitable for those people who planned to open their own business, but do not know how to do it correctly. At the same time, it is necessary to tell a little about the Amigo company so that you understand the advantages of working with it. - Firstly, it is the popularity of the company's brand throughout Russia;- In addition, Amigo has a large customer base;- The company also has all the necessary tools to work in the car rental market;- The organization has a call center that processes incoming customer requests;- And most importantly, Amigo has a lot of experience – since 2008, that is, for 14 years. The company is ready to transfer the accumulated knowledge t...

Advantages of switching to transport outsourcing.

First you need to understand who needs this type of outsourcing. In general, the use of vehicles includes many types of activities, for example, such as the departure of employees to the company's clients or the trip of an accounting employee to the bank, etc. An important fact is also the image of the organization for which you need to use the car.Most companies do this to solve the following tasks:• The head of the company must drive an executive car, as he has to communicate with the directors of other organizations.• Employees of companies should also be able to use transport in their work in order to ensure the full operation of the enterprise.• The car is also useful if the organ...